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List of persons met

FAO Rome

Mr. T. Aldington, AIDS Focal Point
Ms. J. Appleton, FIIS
Mr. T. Contado, Chief, ESHE
Ms. B. Cooney, AIDS Advisor, DDF
Ms. M. Haslwimmer, APO, AGSP
Mr. G. Hemrich, APO, ESHE
Mr. W. Lindley. Senior Officer, ESHE
Mr. H. Page, Coordinator, TCP
Mr. W. Seiders, Rural Youth Officer, ESHE

FAO Kampala

Mr. N. Lexander, FAO Representative
Mr. B. Reufels, Programme Officer

Ministry of Agriculture. Animal Industry and Fisheries. Uganda

Mr. T. Bucyanayandi, Director of the Department of Agriculture
Ms. D. Kasangaki, Principal Agricultural Officer, Women and Youth
Mr. A. Kibwami, NCA, TCP/UGA/2256
Mr. B. Lwanga, AO. Training Materials Specialist. TCP/UGA/2256
Mr. A. Mango, AO, Training
Mr. P. Ochodomuge, Senior Agricultural Officer, PAO/NE and Head AVLT
Mr. F. Odur, Agricultural Officer, Information
Mr. F. Ojacor, Commissioner for Development
Mr. T. Okello, Assistant Commissioner for South-East Uganda
Mr. W. Otage,. ACA and Director of National Census of Agriculture
Ms. C. Ssemakula, National Youth Officer
Mr. E. Tumusiime, Senior Agricultural Officer, P.L.O SWRARD

Uganda AIDS Commission

Mr. M. Pinto, Director General


Mr. H. Bagarukayo, Health Behaviour and Education Officer, African Medical and Research
Foundation, Entebbe

Ms. A. Barabogoza Gamurorwa, Training Officer, AIDS Education and Control Project, World Learning Inc.. Kampala

Dr. T. Barton, Chief Technical Advisor, Child Development project, Kampala

Ms. J. Benjamin, AIDS Researcher & Filmaker, Entebbe

Mr. A. Byekwaso, SYFA Youth Mobilizer, UNICEF, Kampala

Mr. M. Daugherty, Managing Director, Media Consultants (creators of Ekanya Shocked into Sense). Kampala

Mr. G. Dacunha, UNICEF AIDS consultant, Kampala

Mr. K. Duncan, Programme Secretary, YMCA, Kampala

Ms. D. Flanagan, WHO, Information. Education and Communications Advisor, Global Programme on AIDS, Entebbe

Ms. C. Jaenson, AIDS Programme Coordinator, UNICEF, Kampala

Dr. M. Kagimu, Islamic Medical Association, Kampala

Ms. J. Karule, Evaluation, Research & Monitoring. AIDS Information Center, Kampala

Mr. H. Kyamanywa, Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP, Kampala

Mr. S. Malamba, Statistician, Medical Research Council, Research on AIDS in Uganda, Entebbe

Mr. A. Munyagwa, Secretary of the Islamic Medical Association and Project Coordinator of AIDS Control Programme, Kampala

Dr. E. Marum, AIDS Advisor, USAID. Kampala

Dr. S. Musgrave, Associate Research Scientist, Center for Population and Family Health, Columbia University/AIDS Control Programme-Rakai Project, Entebbe

Ms. A. Nakkazi, UNESCO, Kampala

Mr. A. Nunn, Statistician, Medical Research Council, Research on AIDS in Uganda, Entebbe

Mr. N. Ofwono, Programme Officer, World Bank, Kampala

Ms. J. Seeley, Social Anthropologist, Medical Research Council, Research on AIDS in Uganda Project, Entebbe



Mr. M. Bwire, District Youth Organizer, Ministy of WID, Youth and Culture
Mr. J. Diloth. Manager, TASO-Tororo
Mr. I. Haumbahatagata, former YFP Field Officer and Horticulturalist, Tororo
Mr. A. Katsigazi, District Administrator, Tororo
Mr. K. Kebba, Youth Mobilizer, Busia
Mr. Livingstone, Chairman of the Bumanda Cooperative Group
Ms. D. Musuane, Field Officer, Kwapa, Tororo
Ms. E. Musenero, District Agricultural Officer, Tororo
Ms. P. Namusi. Counsellor Supervisor, TASO, Tororo
Mr. O. Ochieng, District Inspector of Schools, Tororo
Mr. B. Odu. District Medical Officer, Tororo
Mr. A. Ofono, Assistant Agricultural Officer, lyolwa sub-county
Mr. P. Ogwanga, Assistant Education Officer, Tororo
Ms. Z. Omoro, Subject Matter Specialist on Women & Youth
Mr. L. Okecho, Bumanda Primary School Headmaster, Bumanda village
Mr. M. Ongolenyang, Assistant Inspector of Schools, Tororo
Mr. G. Ongom, District Executive Secretary, Tororo
Ms. H. Onyango, Counsellor, TASO, Tororo
Mr. J. Oriema, Assistant Education Officer Inspectorate, Tororo
Mr. M. Stormer, Tororo Government Hospital


Mr. S. Abwola, Health Educator, ACORD, Gulu
Mr. E. Ades, Deputy District Executive Secretary, Gulu
Ms. F. Aneko, AIDS Sensitization Officer, ACORD, Gulu
Mr. A. Bongomin, Assistant Inspector of Schools, Gulu
Mr. S. Aisu, Programme Coordinator. ACORD, Gulu
Mr. O. Alli, Assistant Agricultural Officer and SMS. Women and Youth
Dr. B. Corrado, Lacor Hospital Administrator. Gulu
Mr. S. Kyenne, District Administrator. Gulu
Mr. D. Levi, District Youth Mobilizer, Gulu
Mr. M. Lapok, Gulu Vocational and Community Center
Mr. C. Lasul, extension Training Officer, Gulu
Dr. M. Lukwiya, head of AIDS Unit in Lacor Hospital, Gulu
Mr. J. Lomoro, District Inspector of Schools, Gulu
Dr. T. Oyok, District Medical Officer. Gulu
Mr. J. Oballim, DEO, Gulu
Dr. G. Obita, Facilitator/Community based Primary Health Care, Lacor Hospital
Mr. D. Ochungkoma, Gulu Vocational and Community Center
Mr. W. Odu. Gulu Hospital Councillor, Gulu
Mr. O. Ogora. Credit Officer. ACORD. Gulu
Ms. A. Okidi, former Gulu Government Hospital Nurse. PWA ACORD councillor
Mr. P. Obalkeny, District Agricultural Officer, Gulu
Ms. F. Opoka, Senior Nursing Officer/AIDS councillor, Gulu Government Hospital
Ms. R. Oywa, Programme Development Officer, ACORD
Mr. P. Pompey Pido, Deputy DAO, Gulu
Mr. A. Uma, Assistant Inspector of Schools
Ms. M. Peggy Uma, Women Affairs


Mr. E. Birungi, Regional Coordinator, UNDP, Micro-Project Programme to Combat IDS, UGA/91/005. Fort Portal

Mr. M. Douglas, Manager. Health Information Center, Port Portal
Mr. J. Gava, Bwabya YFS Volunteer Leader, Bwabya
Mr. P. Kabwa, AIDS Coordinator, GTZ-AIDS Control Programme, Fort Portal
Mr. L. Kadoma, YFS Volunteer Leader, Nyankuku, Kicwamba
Mr. D. Kahamagire, Deputy DAO, Fort Portal
Mr. A. Kamba former YFP Field Officer, Fort Portal
Dr. W. Kipp. GTZ Consultant, AIDS Control Programme, Fort Portal
Mr. D. Kyamanywa, Medical Superintendant, Port Portal Hospital
Dr. C. Masheija, District Medical Officer, Port Portal
Mr. M. Mpora, Chief Executive, Nyankuku Rural Development Project, Nyankuku
Ms. D. Muhumuza, Teacher and Research Team Member. Fort Portal
Dr. P. Okwero, Acting Project Manager, GTZ-BHS Western Uganda, Fort Portal
Ms. B. Peninah, SMS, Women and Youth, MOA, Fort Portal
Ms. G. Sahlmuller. GTZ-AIDS Advisor, AIDS Control Programme. Fort Portal
Mr. M. Usenti, RC1 Youth Organizer. Nyankuku

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