FAO economic and social development papers

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Policy reform and the agricultural sector

65 Agricultural stabilization and structural adjustment policies in developing countries (1987)
66 Agricultural issues in structural adjustment programs (1987)
84 Measures of protection: methodology, economic interpretation and policy relevance (1989)
90 The impact of stabilization and structural adjustment policies on the rural sector case-studies of Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Liberia, Zambia and Morocco (1991)
95 Guidelines for monitoring the impact of structural adjustment programmes on the agricultural sector (1990)
96 The effects of trade and exchange rate policies on production in agriculture (1990)
98 Institutional changes in agricultural product and input markets and their impact on agricultural performance (1991)
99 Agricultural labour markets and structural adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa (1991)
100 Structural adjustment and household welfare in rural areas - a micro-economic perspective (1991)
103 The impact of structural adjustment on small-holders (1991)
104 Structural adjustment policy sequencing in sub-Saharan Africa (1991)
105 The role of public and private agents in the agricultural sector of developing countries (1991)
115 Design of poverty alleviation strategy in rural areas (1993)
124 Structural adjustment and agriculture: African and Asian experiences (in press)

Environment and sustainable development studies

107 Land reform and structural adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa: controversies and guidelines (1992)
110 Agricultural sustainability: definition and implications for agricultural and trade policy (1992)
121 Policies for sustainable development (1994)

In preparation

FAO forestry publications


Forestry policies in Europe - an analysis (1989)
111 Forestry policies in the Near East region - analysis and synthesis (1993)
112 Forest resources assessment 1990 - tropical countries (1993)
114 Assessing forestry project impacts: issues and strategies (1993)
115 Forestry policies of selected countries in Asia and the Pacific (1993)
122 Readings in sustainable forest management (in press)

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