Unasylva - No. 162 - Fire!

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An international journal of forestry and forest industries - Vol. 41 - 1990/3

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Tenth World Forestry Congress

Paris, Palais des congrès, 17-26 septembre 1991

10e Congrès Forestier Mondial

FORESTS a heritage for the future

Call for voluntary contributions

Organizing Committee

Associate Secretary-General

The Organizing Committee of the Tenth World Forestry Congress actively encourages the preparation of voluntary contributions, in order that people in ail areas of expertise and all those who wish to propose a message, an idea or a project may express themselves freely and contribute to the formulation of the Congress recommendations.

Tenth World Forestry Congress Centre technique frostier tropical 45 bis, av. de la Belle Gabrielle 94736 Nogent-sur-Marne, France

Tenth World Forestry Congress FAO, Forestry Department Via delle Terme di Caracalla 00100 Rome, Italy

Voluntary papers, in tine with the overall Congress theme, must not exceed 3000 words and must be received by the Congress Organizing Committee no later than 31 December 1990.

Mr Jean Gadant
Mr Marcel Guillemant

Attn: Mr Michel Khouzami

For more information, including a complete list of Congress themes and a set of author's guidelines, please contact the Organizing Committee or the Associate Secretary-General at the addresses provided on the right.

Telephone: (1) 43 94 43 00
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Table of Contents

Editorial: Fire!

R. Vélez
Mediterranean forest fires: A regional perspective

R. Vélez
Preventing forest fires through silviculture

An interview with Miguel Salazar, Chief of Forestry Protection in the Honduran Corporation for Forestry Development.
Forest fire control Honduras

J. Troensegaard
FAO's role in forest fire protection: An overview of activities 1970-89

R. Saigal
Modern forest fire control: The Indian experience

D.D. Wade and J. Lundsford
Fire as a forest management tool: Prescribed burning in the southern United States

R.E. Buckman
The role of research in tropical forestry

J.H. Cayford
A brief overview of Canadian forestry

FAO staff
The Tropical Forestry Action Plan: Regional priorities for Asia and the Pacific

World of forestry

North American forestry commission
Tenth world forestry congress


Undervalued natural resources
Forestry and food security

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