Non-wood forest products in Indochina - Focus: Vietnam

Table of contents

Jenne H. de Beer

Rome, May 1993

FO: Misc/93/5
Working Paper

D/V 0782

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Table of contents


I. Introduction

II. The forest resource

III. The household economy

IV. Domestic and export markets

V. Discussion of some non-wood forest products

5.1 Extracts and exudates

5.1.1 Essential oils and incense
5.1.2 Resins and gums
5.1.3 Industrial oil
5.1.4 Tannins and dyes
5.1.5 Insecticides

5.2 Medicinal plants
5.3 Fibres: rattan and bamboo
5.4 Edible plant products

5.4.1 Edible oils and nuts
5.4.2 Spices

5.5 Animal products

5.5.1 Honey and wax
5.5.2 Sticklac

VI. Non-wood forest products in reforestation in Vietnam

VII. Recommendations and conclusions

7.1 General
7.2 Market aspects and research: Vietnam
7.3 Market aspects and research: Laos


Annex I. List of contacts
Annex II. Map of Indochina, with provinces of Vietnam
Annex III. Map of provinces of Laos