Nutmeg and derivatives

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Rome, September 1994

FO: MISC/94/7
Working Paper

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Table of contents


Report No. 1: Nutmeg processing and marketing in Grenada

List of abbreviations
Executive summary
1. Background information and trends relating to the growing, management, production, and trade of nutmeg/nutmeg products in Grenada
2. Relative importance of nutmeg in providing income, employment and export earnings
3. Constraints/problems faced by Grenada in nutmeg production and trade, and proposed solutions
4. Definition of terms
5. Description of components of nutmeg
6. Conclusion from chemical composition analysis of nutmeg
7. The present market status of the vegetable fats and oleochemical industries
8. Market analysis for trimyristin and myristic acid
9. Recommendations
Appendix 1: Structure and physical properties of nutmeg oil components
Appendix 2: Manufacturers and suppliers of myristic acid and myristyl alcohol
Appendix 3: Price quote for a gas chromatograph machine
Appendix 4: Companies presently selling trimyristin as a laboratory reagent
Appendix 5: Companies selling oils and fats extraction equipment
Appendix 6: An estimate for a pilot study to be conducted at Texas A and M university and price quotation for equipments necessary for the production of trimyristin on a commercial scale. from crown iron works

Report No. 2: Nutmeg, mace and their by-products a market overview

List of abbreviations
1. Nutmeg and mace - world overview
2. Nutmeg and mace - European union overview
3. Nutmeg and mace - USA
4. Nutmeg and mace - Japan
5. Nutmeg and mace - India
6. Derivatives of nutmeg and mace - Market overview
Appendix 1: Statistical annexes
Appendix 2: List of importers