Appendix 4: Companies presently selling trimyristin as a laboratory reagent

Accurate Chemical & Scientific Corp.
300 Shames Drive
Westbury, NY 11590
Tel: 800-645-6264

or Accurate Chemical & Scientific Corp.
614 Pennsylvania Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103
Tel: 800-255-9378

Fluka Chemie Ac
Industriestrasse 25
CH-9470 Buchs Switzerland
085 6 9511

or Fluka Chemical Corp.
980 South Second Street
RonkonKoma, NY 11779
Tel: 516-467-0980
Tel: 516-467-0663

Kodak Laboratory Chemicals
Eastman Kodak Company
Building 701, 343 State Street
Rochester, NY 14652-3512
Tel: 800-225-5352

Pfaltz & Bauer, Inc.
Division of Aceto Chemical Co.
172 E. Aurora Street
Waterbury, CT 06708
Tel: 203-574-0075
Tel: 800-225-5172
Fax: 203-574-3181

Indofine Chemical Company, Inc
P.O. Box 473
Somerville, NJ 08876
Tel: 980-534-6522
Fax: 980-534-5789

Pharmacia Biotech Inc.
800 Centennial Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: 908-457-8000
Tel: 800-526 3593

Extrasynthese S.A.
Zone Industrielle Lyon Nord
B.P. 62
69730 Genay

Nacali Tesque, Inc.
Nijyo Karasuma
Kyoto 604
Tel: 81-75-271-5631
Fax: 81-75-371-5543

ICN Biomedicals Inc.
K&K Rare & Fine Chemicals
P.O. Box 5023
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 800-854-0530
Fax: 741-557-4872

Research Plus Inc.
P.O. Box 324
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Tel: 201-823-3592
Tel: 800-341-2296
Fax: 201-823-9590

Biosynth International
P.O. Box 541
Skokie, IL 60077
Tel: 708-574-5160
Fax: 708-674-8885

Fisher Scientific Company
711 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Tel: 412-562-8300

Serdary Research Laboratories Inc.
1643 Kathryn Drive
London, Ontario N6G 2R7
Tel: 519-434-4419
Fax: 519-434-4419

ACME Synthetic Chemicals
308, Veer Savarkar Marg
Bombay, 400028
Tel: 465127, 452706

Interchin S.A.
213, Avenue Kennedy
B.P. 15
F-03103 Montlucon
Tel: 70 03 88 55
Fax: 70 03 82 60

Larodan Fine Chemicals AB
Limhamnsgardens Alle 9
S-21616 Malmo
Tel: 46 40 164155
Fax: 46 40 155498

Carl Roth Chbh & Co. Chemische Fabrik
Schoemperienstrabe 1-5
Postfach 211162
D-7500 Karisruhe 21
West Germany (BRD)
Tel: 0721 56060
Fax: 0721 560649

Potential Large-Scale Buyers of Trimyristin

Geo Pfau's Sons Company Inc.
P.O. Box 7
Jeffersonville, IN 47131
Tel: 800-PFAUOIL
Fax: 812-283-0765

Welch, Holme and Clark Co, Inc.
7 Avenue L
Newark, NJ 07105
Tel: 201-465-1200
Fax: 201-465-7332

Arista Industries Inc.
1082 Post Road
Darien, CT 06820
Tel: 800-ALL OILS
Tel: 203-655-0881
Fax: 203-656-0328

Appendix 5: Companies selling oils and fats extraction equipment

Crown Iron Works
Winster and Sanger Division
P.O. Box 1364
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1365
Tel: 612-639-8900
Fax: 612-639-8051

Otto H. York, Co Inc
42 Intervale Road
P.O. Box 3100
Parsippany, NJ 07054-0918
Tel: 201-299-9200
Tel: 800-524-1543
Fax: 201-299-9401

The French Oil Mill Machinery Company
P.O. Box 920
Piqua, OH 45356
Tel: 513-773-3420
Fax: 513-77303424

Extraction De Smet.
Prins Boudewijulaan 265
B-2520 Edegem
Antwerp Belgium
Tel: 32/3/4494240
Fax: 32/3/4494204

Masiero Industrial S.A.
Jeu, Sao Paulo, 17200
P.O. Box 218
Tel: Jau 55146,22 2773
Sao Paulo 55112853862

Ballestra Group
via S. Fautoli
21/17-20138 Milano
Tel: (02)50831
Fax: 02 5066003

Construzioni Meccaniche Bernardini C.M.B. Spa
via dei Castelli Romani, 2L
00040 Pomezia (Rome) Italy
Tel: (06) 9120251-2-3
Fax: (06) 9106762

EMI Corporation
3166 Des Plaines Avenue
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Tel: 708-827-3164
Fax: 708-803-8394

Appendix 6: An estimate for a pilot study to be conducted at Texas A and M university and price quotation for equipments necessary for the production of trimyristin on a commercial scale. from crown iron works

Estimated Costs, Two Days Testing, at Texas A&M University

Nutmeg Extraction





Day 1



Day 2



½ Day



½ Day


Crown Iron Works



Room /meals







Solvent (diethyl ether)

Fresh Feed





Check with local labs in College Station, TX

* Costs that need to be paid to Crown a minimum of 1 week in advance of the tests. Remaining costs to be paid within 30 days of billing.

Quotation #C93-281

We are pleased to quote:

1. Two (2) rotary valves (RVs), stacked to form a vapor barrier, for feeding the solid material into the extractor. A slight vacuum will be drawn form the space between the units to remove any solvent vapors that may escape the extractor. Units are carbon steel and come complete with drives and motors.

2. One (1) Crown, Series 2143B, Model IV Extractor. Extractor is completely piped, and includes powerpack. Six (6) Hydraulic drives will be furnished. Two (2) flowmeters will be furnished for fresh solvent and full miscella.

3. One (1) solvent preheater. A shell and tube type heat exchanger is provided for heating solvent before it enters the extractor. Vessel has stainless steel tubes and is designed for 150 PSI steam.

4. One (1) hydroclone for clarifying miscella.

5. One (1) rotary valve (RV) for feeding the solid material from the extractor to the Down Draft Desolventizer (DDD) conveyor. The RV is used to provide a pressure barrier between the two units. The RV is carbon steel and comes complete with a drive and motor.

6. One (1) DDD conveyor. Special conveyor for carrying spent material from extractor to DDD. Unit is complete with drive, less motor. Conveyor screw and housing is carbon steel.

7. One (1) Down Draft Desolventizer for desolventizing of spent Material. Unit evaporates solvent from material by conveying it over a series of steam chests. The unit is constructed of carbon steel.

8. One (1) Evaporator for removing solvent from miscella leaving the hydroclone. This is a shell and tube type, steam heated, heat exchanger. An entrainment separator mounts on top. Shell and dome are carbon steel. Tubes are 304 stainless steel. Vapors go from dome to condenser and miscella flows by gravity to oil stripper. Vessel operates under partial vacuum.

9. One (1) Luwa scrape surface heat exchanger. The viscous miscella from the evaporator is sprayed onto the steam heated interior wall of the vessel. The fats are continuously scraped from the vessel wall when the remaining solvent has been evaporated.

10. One (1) Evaporator Condenser for condensing solvent vapors from evaporator and Luwa. Vessel is a shell and tube type with 304 stainless steel tubes. Shell, end caps and tube sheets are carbon steel. Vapors pass on shell side and chilled water goes through tubes.

11. One (1) Slurry Pump for removing the final product, solid nutmeg fats, from the Luwa.

12. One (1) DDD Condenser for condensing solvent vapors. The shell, end caps and tube sheets are carbon steel. Tubes are 304 stainless steel. Vapors pass on shell side and chilled water through tubes.

13. One (1) refrigeration unit for chilling the cooling water, used by the condensers, to below the solvent's boiling point.

14. One (1) vacuum pump used to increase the efficiency of the Evaporator Condenser.

15. One (1) Vent Condenser is provided for further condensing vent gases before they enter the solvent air separator system. Vessel is shell and tube type with 304 stainless steel tubes. Tube sheets are carbon steel. Vapors pass on shell side and chilled water through tubes.

16. One (1) solvent-air separator system. A mineral oil absorption system (MOS) is provided for removing solvent from air before it is discharged to the atmosphere. The system includes an absorption column packed with saddles, a steam jacketed, stripping column, mineral oil cooler with stainless steel tubes and centrifugal type cold oil pump with explosion proof coupling and base. A flowmeter for controlling flow of mineral oil is provided. An ejector for providing partial vacuum is provided for the system. All piping, valves, regulators and traps for water, oil and steam are provided by others.

17. One (1) decanter and solvent work tank. A steel tank for decanting water from solvent and providing working storage for solvent is provided. Tank is horizontal with divider for separation. A recycle pump is furnished for pumping any water from working side to decanter side. The tank is vented to condenser.

18. All thermometers, manometers and pressure gauges necessary for the proper operation of the above equipment are provided. No other instrumentation is required or provided. Wiring is NOT included.

19. Forty-five (45) days of field engineering will be supplied to assist in erection, Section, operator training, and start-up service. Additional field engineering can be provided upon request. The per diem charge is $550 US dollars/day plus all travel and living expenses.


1. Wiring, conduit, starters or push button stations for motors.
3. Solvent, oil or material storage.
4. Insulation.
5. Building structures or foundations.
6. Equipment for preparation of material prior to extractor.
7. Conveying of material to extractor or from desolventizer.
8. Erection labor or tools.
9. Final paint for equipment.
10. Structural, electrical or civil engineering.



$335,700 FOB Manufacturer


Six (6) to seven (7) months


25% down payment, balance due upon shipment.


The price herein quoted does not include any applicable city, county, state or federal sales tax or import duty. Any tax or duty levied on this sale is to be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser to furnish supplier with tax exempt certificate if applicable.


The equipment to be furnished under this quotation will be designed and fabricated to the industrial standards for solvent extraction systems. When properly installed, no modification of the Crown Solvent Extraction equipment should be necessary to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act as contained in Part 1910, including Change 12, dated April 5, 1976.

It is the customer's responsibility to see that he or his agents install the equipment properly so as to be in compliance with all applicable Laws and regulations. We request that the customer comply with National Fire Protection Association Standard #36, including reasonable and practical upgrades of existing systems or procedures. All safety requirements should be coordinated with the customers insurance company and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction as defined in the Standard.


Crown Iron Works Company shall not be responsible for loss of workage arising from delays caused by inability to procure required materials, strikes, lockouts, acts of God or other causes beyond the seller's control. In case of such delay, the seller shall have an extension of time for performance equal to the delay caused thereby.


Crown Iron Works Company is responsible for items supplied, but not manufactured by them only to the extent of the original manufacturer's warranty.


Warranty shall be one year from start-up of equipment. Equipment shall be warranted against defects in workmanship and material when operated under normal use and service. New parts will be furnished to replace such defective parts free of charge f.o.b. point of manufacture. The purchaser shall give immediate notice of such defective parts and return them to seller, if requested by seller.

Crown reserves the right to add to, modify, delete or change equipment if we feel such changes are advantageous to the operation of the plant. Customer shall be notified of any such changes.


This quotation is firm for a period of sixty (60) days, after which time the price is subject to change.

Best regards,

Kevin D. Gilbert
Product Manager - Sales

Crown Iron Works, Co. P.O. Box 1364 Mpls, Minn. 55440

RAW 11/12/93