Appendix 5: List of importers and traders of naval stores

The following list gives the names and addresses of some of the companies which import or trade in naval stores. Such companies may be willing to consider purchases of export- container-load shipments of rosin or turpentine from a new producer. Only companies in Europe, Japan and the United States are given. The list should not be regarded as exhaustive and inclusion in the list does not imply that FAO or NRI have any knowledge of the financial standing of the company.



Almimet SA
18 Rue de la Michodière
75002 Paris

Dérives Resiniques et Terpeniques
30 Rue Gambetta
40105 Dax


Gratenau & Hesselbacher Chemie KG
Klosterwall 2
20017 Hamburg

Hermann ter Hell & Co.
Kattrepelsbrücke l
20095 Hamburg

Weissmeer-Baltische GmbH
Lange Mühren 9
2000 Hamburg

Willers, Engel GmbH & Co.
Grimm 8
20457 Hamburg


Chemverga SL
Via Romagnosi 20
00196 Rome

Via Boccaccio 3
29020 Trezzano on Naviglio


De Monchy International BV
PO Box 762
Meent 106
3000 AT Rotterdam

Integrated Chemicals BV
Kanaalstraat 276
PO Box 302
2160 AH Lisse

G.C. Rutteman & Co.
Exchange Building, Room 374
PO Box 30028
3001 DA Rotterdam

United Kingdom

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd
312 Broomloan Road
Glasgow G51 2JW

Langley Smith & Co. Ltd
36 Spital Square
London E1 6DY

A.V. Pound & Co. Ltd
83a High Street
Esher KT10 9PZ

White Sea and Baltic Co. Ltd
Arndale House
Otley Road
Leeds LS6 2UU


Arakawa Chemical Industries Ltd
3-7 Hirano-machi 1-chome
Osaka 541

Harima Chemical Inc.
6-7 Dosho-machi 3-chome
Osaka 541

Sang Yo Boeki Ltd
Daiwa Bank Buildings 2-5-28
Kyu Taro-machi
Osaka 541

Toyo Chemical Co. Ltd
16-12 Ginza 6-chome
Tokyo 104

United States

PDM Inc.
3512-6 Silverside Road
DE 19810

Rausch Naval Stores Co. Inc.
PO Box 4085
New Orleans
LA 70178

Ter Chemicals Inc.
PO Drawer P
Pass Christian
MS 39571