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The State of Food and Agriculture 1995 was prepared by a team from the Agriculture and Economic Development Analysis Division led by F.L. Zegarra and comprising P.L. Iacoacci, G.E. Rossmiller, J. Skoet, K. Stamoulis, R. Stringer and S. Teodosijevic. Secretarial support was provided by S. Di Lorenzo and P. Di Santo. Computer and statistical support was provided by G. Arena, T. Sadek and Z. Pinna.

Contributions and background papers for the World review were prepared by G. Everett, M. Palmieri, F. Sandiford, M. Spinedi, P. Wardle and G. Zanias.

Contributions and background papers for the Regional review were prepared by M.Ahmad, G.S. Bhalla, A.Z. Ghezawi, K. Gray, U. Grothe, S. Hafeez, M. Harley, A.S. Jabarin, F. Kuba, D. Van Atta and J. Weeks.

The special chapter, Agricultural trade: entering a new era?, was prepared on the basis of contributions from D. Hathaway, T. Josling and P. Konandreas. Helpful comments and suggestions were provided by J. Greenfield.

The State of Food and Agriculture 1995 was edited by J. Shawl The graphics were prepared by M. Cappucci and the layout by M. Criscuolo with C. Ciarlantini. The cover and illustrations were produced by Studio Page.

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