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In addition to the usual review of the recent world food and agricultural situation, each issue of this report since 1957 has included one or more special studies on problems of longer-term interest. Special chapters in earlier issues have covered the following subjects:

1957 Factors influencing the trend of food consumption Postwar changes in some institutional factors affecting agriculture

1958 Food and agricultural developments in Africa south of the Sahara The growth of forest industries and their impact on the world's forests

1959 Agricultural incomes and levels of living in countries at different stages of economic development Some general problems of agricultural development in less-developed countries in the light of postwar experience

1960 Programming for agricultural development

1961 Land reform and institutional change Agricultural extension, education and research in Africa, Asia and Latin America

1962 The role of forest industries in the attack on economic underdevelopment The livestock industry in less-developed countries

1963 Basic- factors affecting the growth of productivity in agriculture Fertilizer use spearhead of agricultural development

1964 Protein nutrition: needs and prospects Synthetics and their effects on agricultural trade

1966 Agriculture and industrialization Rice in the world food economy

1967 Incentives and disincentives for farmers in developing countries The management of fishery resources

1968 Raising agricultural productivity in developing countries through technological improvement improved storage and its contribution to world food supplies

1969 Agricultural marketing improvement programmes: some lessons from recent experience Modernizing institutions to promote forestry development

1970 Agriculture at the threshold of the Second Development Decade

1971 Water pollution and its effects on living aquatic resources and fisheries

1972 Education and training for development Accelerating agricultural research in the developing countries

1973 Agricultural employment in developing countries

1974 Population, food supply and agricultural development

1975 The Second United Nations Development Decade: midterm review and appraisal

1976 Energy and agriculture

1977 The state of natural resources and the human environment for food and agriculture

1978 Problems and strategies in developing regions

1979 Forestry and rural development

1980 Marine fisheries in the new era of national jurisdiction

1981 Rural poverty in developing countries and means of poverty alleviation

1982 Livestock production: a world perspective

1983 Women in developing agriculture

1984 Urbanization, agriculture and food systems

1985 Energy use in agricultural production Environmental trends in food and agriculture Agricultural marketing and development

1986 Financing agricultural development

1987-88 Changing priorities for agricultural science and technology in developing countries

1989 Sustainable development and natural resource management

1990 Structural adjustment and agriculture

1991 Agricultural policies and issues: lessons from the 1980s and prospects for the 1990s

1992 Marine fisheries and the law of the sea: a decade of change

1993 Water policies and agriculture

1994 Forest development and policy dilemmas

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