Botswana - Southern Africa

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Mail address Private Bag 0027, Gaborone
Telephone +267352-381 Fax +267314-253 Cable AGRICOLA

Sponsoring agency (Parastatal) Ministry of Agriculture and University of Botswana
Nature Academic
Mission Research, instruction
Financial support Botswana government
Working languages English
Scope of interest Agronomy, livestock, range management, forestry, agricultural education, agricultural engineering

Research program
Locations Sebele, Gaborone in the south; Tshesebe in the north
Subjects Bambara Groundnut Project (crop science); Small Ruminants Project (interdisciplinary - animal science, soils, basic science)
Status Ongoing

Internal Organization
Chief official Mr. E. J. Kemsley, Principal; Prof. G. C. Mrema, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Divisions (1) Agricultural Economics and Extension, (2) Agricultural Engineering and Land Planning, (3) Animal Science and Production, (4) Basic Sciences, (5) Crop Science and Production, (6) Centre for Inservice and Continuing Education
Division heads (1) Mr. M. Mahabile, (2) Dr. N. G. Musonda, (3) Dr. E. E. Waugh, (4) Dr. J. O. Amarteifio, (5) Mrs. B. C. Kwerepe, (6) Dr. J. Van Den Hoogen
Professional staff 69
Total staff 131

Office 58 offices, 7 laboratories
Library Agricultural Library with 19,000+ volumes
Subcenters Experimental site at Tshesebe for Bambara Groundnut Project, farm at Kanye for multiplication of seeds, experimental station at Sebele for Small Ruminants Project
Exchange Facilities Available

Serials Accessions list

Established in 1967 as Botswana Agricultural College; renamed Botswana College of Agriculture and established as associate institution of the University of Botswana in 1991



Mail address PO Box 2088, Gaborone
Telephone +267 351-660 Fax +267 351-660

Nature Non-government, non-profit
Mission Research, extension and political lobbying to promote forestry that can be practiced by the majority of people in Botswana
Financial support International donor community including NORAD, HIVOS (Dutch), EEC; local contributions
Working languages English
Scope of interest Forestry and agroforestry

Research program
Locations Operates from Gaborone nationally
Subjects Agroforestry Project: Barolong District, South East District
Status Ongoing
Findings People know a lot about trees and their importance and are aware of the need to plant them; they need to be facilitated to do so

Internal Organization
Chief official Keitirele Patricia Walker, Director
Divisions (1) Research, (2) Extension, (3) Administration
Division heads (1) M. Mwiringa, Manager; (2) Mrs. B. Moganane, Manager; (3) K.P. Walker, Director
Professional staff 5 (3 M.Sc., 2 B.Sc.)
Total staff 14

Office Rented
Subcenters Kumailwane Nursery Research Site: multipurpose trees

Established in 1983



Mail address Private Bag 14, Lobatse
Telephone +267 (330) 330-327 and -328 Fax +267 (330) 332-013
Telex 2293 GEOBD

Sponsoring agency Ministry of Mineral Resources and Water Affairs
Nature National government
Mission Research
Financial support Government of Botswana
Working languages English
Scope of interest Desertification, energy, remote sensing, water resources of arid lands

Research program
Locations Countrywide
Subjects Geology, hydrogeology, geophysics
Status Some completed, some ongoing

Internal Organization
Chief official Director
Divisions Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Chemistry, Cartographic, Mineral Lab, Information Centre
Division heads Dr. Roger Key, Geology; Mr. Chris Campbell, Geophysics; Mr. L.
Maruatona, Cartographic, Mr. Clement Siyumbwa, Information Centre
Professional staff 70
Total staff 380

Office 10,000 sq m
Library 15,000 reports, books, periodicals, maps
Computer catalog In process, using CDS/ISIS
Exchange Facilities Exchange with geological surveys and universities throughout the world

Serials Annual reports
Other Mineral resources reports, prospecting licenses maps, bulletins, progress in geological mapping, geological maps, geophysical maps, hydrogeological maps
Publications list Available

Established in 1948


Ministry of Agriculture

Mail address Private Bag 0033, Gaborone
Telephone +267 359-780 Fax +267 373-847 and -848 Telex 2752 BD

Nature National government
Mission Research
Financial support Recurrent funding from government; capital from government and donors
Working languages English
Scope of interest Agronomy, crop improvement, soil and water management, production systems, livestock improvement, horticulture, dairy, range sciences, fodder crops, seed production, germplasm conservation


Research program
Locations Sebele: headquarters near Gaborone; Goodhope, Pelotshetlha, Pandamatenga, Maun, Gumare, Hukuntsi, Mahalapye: dryland field crop research; Bobonong: horticultural research
Subjects Crop improvement, agronomy, soil sciences, farming systems, range and pastures, dairy, small ruminants, beef cattle, animal nutrition, farm machinery, irrigation, horticulture
Status Ongoing
Findings Multiple (double) tillage systems important for higher yields; soil low in fertility, water holding capacity; local breed livestock perform same or better than exotics under good management


Internal Organization
Chief official Dr. L. P. Gakale, Director of Agricultural Research
Divisions (1) Arable Crops Research, (2) Animal Production & Range Research (Divisions); Estate Management, Seed Multiplication, Biometrics & Computing (Units)
Division heads (1) Dr. G. S. Maphanyane, (2) Dr. B. Kiflewahid
Professional staff 58
Total staff 252 permanent and pensionable, 251 permanent but not pensionable

Library 10,610 books, 186 journals, 2,000 government Publications
Computer searches Searches of such databases as CAB Abstracts, AGRIS, TROPAG & Rural conducted on CD-ROM workstation
Local databases Produced regarding current agricultural research projects
Formal networks AGRIS, CARIS
Subcenters Goodhope, Pelotshetlha, Pandamatenga, Maun, Gumare, Hukuntsi, Mahalapye, Bobonong; also 18 livestock and range research ranches


Serials Botswana Agricultural Research Bulletin; divisonal annual reports
Other Weeds of Botswana; Agricultural Technology Improvement - Project (ATIP); Annual program of work for the Division of Crops Research

Department of Agriculture established in 1937 with a small research unit; Department of Agricultural Research established in 1969


University of Botswana

Mail address Private Bag 0022, Gaborone
Telephone +267 351-151 Fax +267 356-591 Email (Dr. Susan Ringrose, Senior Lecturer)

Nature Academic
Mission Research, instruction
Financial support Government of Botswana, foreign funding agencies
Working languages English
Scope of interest Range management, renewable resources, desertification, climate change, energy, geomorphology, hydrology, wildlife, tourism, human perceptions and socioeconomic development, GIS, remote sensing

Research program
Locations Various parts of the Kalahari Desert
Subjects See Scope of interest
Status Some completed, some ongoing
Findings Erosion rates, spectral vegetative response patterns, trends in desertification

Internal Organization
Chief official Professor Robson Silitshena, Department Head
Divisions No major Divisions, but faculty's research interests focus on the areas of: Physical Geography, Human Geography, Planning (mainly urban), and Remote Sensing/GIS/Cartographic
Professional staff 15
Total staff 25

Office Each professional has own office; department also has 2 soil science/geomorphology labs, one remote sensing/GIS lab, I planning lab, and I cartography lab
Library Excellent Library and back issues of most relevant journals
Computer catalog Not yet; anticipated in 1996
Formal networks Internet, through University computer center
Subcenters One field station at Maun (Okavango Delta area)
Exchange Facilities No formal program; visitors welcome on application through head of department

Several Publications, including numerous articles in scientific journals
Publications list Available through individual researchers

University founded in 1976; department obtained present name in 1982



Mail address PO Box 2020, Gaborone
Telephone +267 347-047 Fax +267 347-047


Nature Private sector
Mission Research, instruction, extension
Financial support International donors
Working languages English
Scope of interest Sustained management and utilization of renewable natural resources, desertification, development of cultivars from high-yielding indigenous fruit trees with economic potential in semiarid areas, microcatchments

Research program
Locations (1) Gabane, (2) Motokwe and Manyana
Subjects (1) See Scope of interest; (2) Assisting these rural communities to develop strategies for sustainable natural resource management and use
Status Ongoing

Internal Organization
Chief official Frank W. Taylor, Consultant
Professional staff 3 to 7
Total staff 10 to 20


Office Office, laboratory, nursery, land
Library 5,000 volumes

list Available on request

Established in 1981