Japan - East Asia

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Kyushu University, Faculty of Agriculture

Mail address 6-10-1, Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812
Telephone +81 (92) 641-1101, ext. 6269, 6270, 6271 Fax +81 (92) 632-1953

Nature Academic
Mission Research
Financial support Ministry of Education
Working languages Japanese, English available
Scope of interest Irrigation, water quality, soil science, water management in basins and plots

Research program
Locations Pakistan, Thailand, China
Subjects Irrigation water management and irrigation system operations
Status Ongoing
Findings Published in several proceedings and articles

Internal Organization
Chief official Professor
Professional staff 4
Total staff 4

Office 400 mē

Serials Irrigation Engineering Research (in Japanese)

Established in 1922


Tottori University

Mail address 1390 Hamasada, Tottori 680
Telephone +81 (857)233-411 Fax +81 (857) 296-199

Sponsoring agency Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Nature Academic
Mission Research, instruction
Financial support Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Working languages English
Scope of interest Agronomy, energy, forestry, horticulture, vegetation, social structure, irrigation, drainage

Research program
Locations (1) China, (2) Brazil, (3) West Africa, (4) Egypt. (5) United Arab Emirates
Subjects (1a) Field research on irrigation and drainage development of sandy desert, (1b) irrigation schedule for sand conservation management, (1c) selection of salt-tolerant plant tissues and cells
Status (1a) and projects in location (4) completed; Other projects in Locations (1), (2), (3) and (5) ongoing
Findings Water balance in irrigated fields, efficient use of underground water resources, drought signals from roots to shoots of plant, species characteristics of semiarid plants, conservation of vegetation, afforestation concerned with social structure, irrigation water savings, utilization of super-absorbent polymer for sandy desert greening

Internal Organization
Chief official Director
Divisions Arid Land Environment, Biological Production, Afforestation and Land Conservation, Arid Land Sciences
Professional staff 15
Total staff 22

Office 1,723 mē

Established as Sand Dune Research Institute; obtained current name in 1990


University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science

Mail address 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113
Telephone +81 (3) 3812-2111, extension 4561 Fax +81 (3) 3812-0518

Nature Academic
Mission Research, instruction
Financial support Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Working languages Japanese
Scope of interest Desertification, agronomy, forestry studies, remote sensing

Research program
Locations Australia, China, West Asia, selected regions for global comparison
Subjects Land and vegetation degradation, Quaternary and Recent climatic change
Status Ongoing
Findings Role of climate in remobilization of dunes in Australia, effect of soil properties on land and vegetation degradation in China

Internal Organization
Chief official Professor Hiroo Ohmori
Division heads Professor Nobuyuki Yonekura
Professional staff 6
Total staff 9

Office 1,200 mē
Library More than 17,000 volumes on arid lands topics, map collection
Computer catalog In preparation
Formal networks SAN
Exchange Facilities Limited

Serials Bulletin of the Department of Geography, University of Tokyo
Publications list Available

Established in 1911