Malawi - East Africa

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Mail address PO Box 270, Zomba
Telephone +265 (50) 522-866, 522-548 Fax +265 (50) 522-782
Telex 43533 FRIM MI

Sponsoring agency Department of Forestry, Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources
Nature National government
Mission Research
Financial support Central government
Working languages English
Scope of interest Silviculture, mycology, mycorrhiza, fuelwood, agroforestry, entomology, tree improvement and breeding, seed service, soil fertility, forest product utilization

Research program
Locations Over 300 trial Sites throughout Malawi
Subjects Tree improvement, site and species selection, protection, symbiotic associations, soil surveys, wood properties, naval stores, environmental and social forestry
Status Mostly ongoing, but specific projects completed periodically
Findings Agroforestry technologies, new techniques for indigenous woodland management, wood utilization, silvicultural classification, fertilizer requirements, nursery techniques, rotation ages for fuelwood and timber, pest and disease control

Internal Organization
Chief official Langes A. Sitaubi, Assistant Chief Forestry Officer (Research)
Divisions Soils, Wood Sciences, Tree Breeding, Seed Section, Entomology, Pathology, Ecology, Socioeconomics
Professional staff 15
Total staff 200

Office Administration off ice and four laboratories at headquarters, one laboratory at field station, four offices at four field stations
Library Special Library with cat 6,000 volumes including periodicals on forestry science, ODC Forestry classification
Computer catalog In process, with CDS-ISIS and Idealist
Exchange Facilities Subject to government clearance, visiting scientists have access to research reports

Serials FRIM newsletters and reports (irregular, no subscriptions; obtain on exchange)
Other Forestry Research Records, Silviculture Guide Book, silviculture classification maps, annual reports (irregular; purchase or obtain on exchange)
Publications list Available

Established in 1957; previous names Malawi Forestry Research Institute, Forestry Institute of Malawi