Unasylva - No. 184 - Forestry extension

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Vol. 47

An international journal of forestry and forest industries

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Table of Contents


J. Anderson and J. Farrington
Forestry extension: facing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

T. Enters and J. Hagmann
One-way, two-way, which way? Extension workers: from messengers to facilitators.

P.H. May and M. Pastuk
Tropical forest management options, social diversity and extension in eastern Amazonia.

M. Kane
Footballs, almond blossoms and blue chickens: forestry extension with rural women in Pakistan.

J.B. Nikiema
Testing forestry extension materials in Burkina Faso.

C.R. McKinley, J.R. Sidebottom and J.H. Owen
The process of forestry extension education: speciality tree production in North Carolina, United States.

S.K. Datta and M. Ray
Government forest service training in India: recommendations for change.

S.A. Dembner and J. Anderson
Towards forestry information dissemination and communication strategies: new partners, priorities and technologies.

D. Henderson and L. Krahl
Public management of federal forest land in the United States.

World of forestry