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The Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training held its biennial session in Sinaia, Romania in June 1996. The Committee agreed to continue to support sustainable forest management through its activities. It noted its comparative advantage of a long experience in international cooperation by translating policy and research into operational practice. A team of specialists was set up to analyse social aspects of sustainable forest management, including human resource requirements, employment, training, and safety in forest work. The results would be used as an input for the possible formulation of a resolution on social aspects to be tabled at the third Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe in Lisbon in 1998.

Two special topics were presented: Forestry in Romania and Information Systems in Forestry. The Joint Committee reviewed recent achievements and developments in its field of interest and prepared proposals for its programme of work, including multiple use forestry, forest fires, safety in forestry, forestry in areas contaminated by radiation, and reducing the impact of forest operations on ecosystems.

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