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Aulerich, E and Zhenyan Shen, 1994. Engineering Tables for Forest Roads (Metric), 80 p, US$10, English. A book of field tables designed for use in wet weather. Slope stake location tables and horizontal curve tables are included. Road projects in Asia have seen a 50% reduction in excavation and a 40% reduction in costs where the location and design process included use of these tables.

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Bradley, A. H., 1995. Lower tire pressures lessen sedimentation from forest roads. FERIC, Field Note: Loading & Trucking, No. 47, 2 p, English. Outline of a three year study that showed reduced sediment yield from unpaved forest roads from reduced tire pressure on logging trucks.

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FAO, 1995. Impacto Ambiental de las Prácticas de Cosecha Forestal y Construccion de Caminos en Bosques Nativos Siempreverdes de la X Region de Chile, Forest Harvesting Case Study 6, 170 p, Spanish.

Grünenfelder, T. (team leader), 1996. Manual on Acute Forest Damage, Managing the impact of sudden and severe forest damage. Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training. ECE/TIM/DP/7, 102 p, Geneva, Switzerland. A framework based on experiences from past forest damage in Europe.

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Makkonen, I. 1995. Converting a Forest Machine to use Environmentally Compatible Hydraulic Oils, 12 p, English, French, FERIC Technical Note TN-234. Summarizes information on new environmentally compatible oils and how to choose a hydraulic bio-oil.

Kellogg, L. and G. Milota, (editors), 1995. The Way Ahead with Harvesting and Transportation Technology. Proceedings of IUFRO P3.07 Meeting, Tampere, Finland, August 6-12, 315 p, US$30, English. Contact: Oregon State Univ., Dept. of Forest Engr., 213 Peavy Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331, USA, Fax: +1 541 737 4316.

Krag, R. and J. Nelson, (editors), 1996. Addressing Today's Social and Environmental Issues. Proceedings of a Joint Symposium of IUFRO 3.06, Forest Operations Under Mountainous Conditions and 9th Pacific Northwest Skyline Symposium, Campbell River, BC, Canada, 13-16 May, 160 p, US$55, English. Seventeen papers, trip summaries, and session abstracts. FERIC Special Report SR-116.

Lai, F. S., M. J. Lee, S. Mohd Rizal, 1995. Changes in sediment discharge resulting from commercial logging in the Sungai Lawing basin, Selangor, Malaysia. IAHS Publication No. 226, 55-62, English. Rainfall, stream flow, and water quality data were collected before logging (1988-1989) and after logging (1992+). The 1993 suspended sediment load was 1129 t/km2 compared to 54 t/km2 in 1988-89. The logging system used is described.

Pinard, M. A.; F. E. Putz; J. Tay; T. E. Sullivan, 1995. Creating timber harvest guidelines for a reduced-impact logging project in Malaysia. Journal of Forestry, 93, 41-45, English

PROAFT, 1992. Manual de Technologia Apropiada para Operaciones Forestales, Parte II, Construcción de Caminos y Transporte de Madera, 200 p, Spanish, Mexico. A translation and adaptation of the Handbook on Appropriate Technology for Forestry Operations in Developing Countries published by the Forestry Training Programme of Finland in 1988. This is a good example of making information accessible to more people at modest expense.

Provencher, Y. and L. Méthot, 1994. Controlling the state of road surface through grading management. FERIC Technical Report TRR-110, 9 p, English and French. An analysis of methods for managing the grading of forest roads. A new management method is proposed that responds to the variable character of the road surface.

Sessions, J. (editor), 1995. Caring for the Forest: Research in a Changing World. Proceedings of the Technical Sessions of Subject Group 3.06 Forest Operations Under Mountainous Conditions, Tampere, Finland, 6-12, August, 226 p, US$20, English. Twenty three papers on harvest and road topics. Contact: John Sessions, Dept. of Forest Engr., Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR 97731, USA, Fax:+1 541 737 4316, Email:

Warkotsch, P. W.; G. Engelbrecht; F. Hacker, 1995. The South African harvesting code of practice. South African Forestry Journal, No. 174, 59-68, English. This Code is a set of guidelines developed by harvesting specialists to assist the forest industry in the selection of harvesting and road construction practices that are consistent with environmental management principles.

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