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Photo 1:
Aerial photograph of a closed broadleaf forest. The umbrella trees (Musanga cecropioides) indicate a forest road

Photo 2:
Centring an Okoumé log for peeling at the mill

Photo 3:
Log prepared for peeling

Photo 4:
Worker houses under construction

Photo 5:
Water supply in worker's camp

Photo 6:
Felling an Okoumé tree

Photo 7:
Harvest inventory, using diameter tape

Photo 8:
Wheel skidder with an Okoumé log

Photo 9:
An exceptionally large climber

Photo 10:
Roadside landing

Photo 11:
Felled Okoumé tree

Photo 12:
Roadside landing with Okoumé logs and cut-offs

Photo 13:
Removal of the crown and some stem wood after felling an Okoumé tree (topping)

Photo 14:
Damaged log, split by improper crosscutting

Photo 15:
Typical skidtrail, slight to medium exposure of mineral soil

Photo 16:
Log truck on the main haul road

Photo 17:
A partly uprooted Okoumé tree damaged during skidding

Photo 18:
Log truck (backpack system)

Photo 19:
Skidding damage of a young Okoumé tree

Photo 20:
Decay in Okoumé logs

Photo 21:
Crosscutting an Okoumé log at landing to remove remaining buttress

Photo 22:
National road Congo-Gabon

Photo 23:
Application of a steel ring to the large end of a log to avoid splitting as the log dries

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