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XXVIII. Appendix H. Terms of reference of the interim commission on phytosanitary measures

1. The functions of the Commission shall be to promote the full implementation of the objectives of the International Plant Protection Convention and, in particular, to:

a) review the state of plant protection in the world and the need for action to control the international spread of pests and their introduction into endangered areas;

b) establish and keep under review the necessary institutional arrangements and procedures for the development and adoption of international standards, and to adopt international standards for phytosanitary measures;

c) establish rules and procedures for the resolution of disputes in accordance with the Convention;

d) establish such subsidiary bodies of the Commission as may be necessary for the proper implementation of its functions;

e) adopt guidelines regarding the recognition of regional plant protection organizations;

f) establish cooperation with other relevant international organizations on matters covered by the Convention;

g) adopt such recommendations for the implementation of the Convention as necessary; and

h) perform such other functions as may be necessary to the fulfilment of the objectives of the Convention.

2. Membership in the Commission shall be open to all Members of FAO and to such non-member States as are contracting parties to the IPPC.

3. Each contracting party may be represented at sessions of the Commission by a single delegate, who may be accompanied by an alternate, and by experts and advisers. Alternates, experts and advisers may take part in the proceedings of the Commission but may not vote, except in the case of an alternate who is duly authorized to substitute for the delegate.

4. The contracting parties shall make every effort to reach agreement on all matters by consensus. If all efforts to reach consensus have been exhausted and no agreement is reached, the decision shall, as a last resort, be taken by a two-thirds majority of the contracting parties present and voting.

5. The Commission may adopt and amend, as required, its own Rules of Procedure, which shall not be inconsistent with the Constitution of FAO.

6. The Chairperson of the Commission shall convene an annual regular session of the Commission.

7. Special sessions of the Commission shall be convened by the Chairperson of the Commission at the request of at least one-third of its members.

8. The Commission shall elect its Chairperson and no more than two Vice Chairpersons, each of whom shall serve for a term of two years.

9. The languages of the Commission shall be the official languages of FAO.

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