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This report benefited from contributions by several people. In particular, Keith Sproule and Ary Suhandi contributed much of the Indonesia country report, Jenny Wong contributed much of the Malaysia country report, and Jerry Wylie contributed much of the Pohnpei country report. In addition, Arisetiarso Soemodinoto provided several papers relevant to ecotourism in Indonesia, while Emma Smith provided general research assistance. Lastly, we would like to thank the Asia Pacific Forestry Commission, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the USDA Forest Service (International Forestry) for sponsoring the working paper.

Authorship: Kreg Lindberg was responsible for the report overall and wrote most of the ecotourism components; Marilyn Staff contributed material on industry issues and ecotourism generally; Brian Furze contributed most of the services of forests components; Rosemary Black contributed various ecotourism components, including interpretation and the Nepal country report.

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