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Diffusion of information

WAICENT is a corporate database made up of two linked data systems:

FAOSTAT, which contains statistical information, and FAOINFO, which contains textual information.

FAOSTAT contains a constantly updated collection of time series data on demography, agriculture, fisheries and forestry from 210 countries and territories as well as data on trade flows, food aid, development assistance and the results of the World Agricultural Census and household budget and food consumption surveys.

As FAOINFO becomes fully operational, the text retrieval system will cover a wide range of information on food and agriculture, including:

· monthly reports on global food production;
· a comprehensive collection of internationally accepted food standards;
· updates on the distribution of plant pests worldwide;
· country-level nutrition, fisheries and forestry profiles;
· maximum residue limits for pesticides in food;
· bio-economic modelling systems for shrimp fisheries;
· analyses of scientific fishing data and farm surveys.

It also includes a digitized soil map of the world, at a scale of 1:5 000 000 and with country boundaries updated to June 1992, illustrating the results of decades of study on the soil situation of each country.

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