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The main purpose of IUFRO is to promote international cooperation in scientific studies embracing the entire field of research related to forestry. Achievement of this purpose is dependent upon the scientific community participating in IUFRO activities.

Division 3 deals with Forest Operations and Techniques and is currently structured as follows:

International IUFRO/FAO Seminar

Forest Operations in Himalayan Forests with special Consideration of Ergonomic and Socio-economic Problems, 20 to 23 October, 1997, Thimphu, Bhutan

This seminar held in Bhutan was a joint meeting of IUFRO Research Groups 3.06.00 "Forest Operations under Mountainous Conditions", 3.07.00 "Ergonomics", and FAO. Foreign experts met together with local professionals representing research, government, and consultants. The three day seminar dealt with the following topics:

· Road planning and engineering;

· Timber extraction technology;

· Environmentally sound logging operations;

· Ergonomics;

· Interactions of forestry and rural development.

The papers will be published electronically on the internet.

The seminar was followed by a five day excursion to the eastern part of Bhutan where the participants could study road building practices, cable yarding operations, and forest management concepts. The excursion gave an excellent overview of the rich Bhutanese culture and natural heritage.

All the participants warmly thank the Bhutanese Government for its support. Without its assistance it would not have been possible to organize this conference.

Information on availability of the proceedings may be found on For more information, please contact: Hans R. Heinimann, Forest Engineering, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland, fax +41 1 632 11 46, email:

Future events

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