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Seminar on Improving Working Conditions and Increasing Productivity in Forestry, 9-13 September, 1998, Banska _tiavnica, Slovakia. IUFRO and FAO/ECE/ILO. Contact: Miroslav Gecovic, Forest Research Institute Zvolen, T.G. Masaryka 22, SK-960 92 Zvolen, Slovakia; Tel: +421-855-321961; Fax: +421-855-321883; E-mail:

Environmental Aspects in Forest Transportation Infrastructure, 19-23 October 1998, Kyoto, Japan. Lead: Hans R. Heinimann (

Workshop on the Planning, Design, and Construction of Forest Roads in Steep Terrain, 9-13 November 1998, Lampertheim, Germany. Contact: Joachim Lorbach, (, FAO, Rome.

International Mountain Logging and 10th Pacific Northwest Skyline Symposium, 28 March - 1 April 1999 Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Additional information is now available at Sponsored by Oregon State University and IUFRO Division 3. Contact: Steve Tesch, ( OSU, Corvallis.

Forestry Engineering for Tomorrow, 28-30 June, 1999, Edinburgh, Scotland. The first International Forestry Engineering Conference hosted by the Forestry Engineering Group of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers in Great Britain and co-sponsored by the Forest Engineering Group of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Contact: Geoff Freedman ( The information about a call for papers and posters is available now. See

Planning and Control of Forest Operations in Plantations, 22-28 November 1999, Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile. Joint IUFRO S3.06/P3.03/FAO Meeting Lead: Jorge Gayoso.

Emerging Harvesting Issues in Countries in Transition. 1999, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia. Meeting Lead: Stanislas Sever.

Transfer and Application of Appropriate Technology in Tropical Forestry, Technical Meeting, August 2000, Malaysia, IUFRO XXI World Congress. Joint IUFRO S3.06/S3.05/P3.03 Meeting Lead: Hans R. Heinimann (

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