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Appendix 3: Documents reviewed

Appendix 3: Documents reviewed

ZFAP documents

Main report (draft). Volume 2. 196p. & Volume 3.

Objective. To introduce the Zambia Forestry Action Programme (ZFAP) Consensus Building and Planning Process.6p.

ZFAP Secretariat (1996) Proceedings of the First ZFAP Technical Workshop. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Lusaka. 45p.

ZFAP Secretariat (1996). Proceedngs of the ZFAP Second Rechnical Workshop to review findings of the ZFAP National and International Consultants. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Lusaka.69p.

Consultants' reports

Alejarvi, Pekka (1996). Forest Management Planning and Inventory. ZFAP, Lusaka.46p.

Forster, Robert (?). Forest Economics in Zambia. ZFAP, Lusaka.66p.

Mtonga, Suya B. (1996). The role of women in forestry in Zambia. ZFAP, Lusaka, 39p.

Mwenya, A.N. (1996). Forest Ecosystems Conservation. ZFAP, Lusaka.114p.

Roper, John (?). Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Forestry Development. ZFAP, Lusaka. 48p.

Richard Woodroofe & Associates with Moses Banda & Company (1996). Study on the Restructuring of thee Forestry Department into a Proposed Forestry Authority. Lusaka, 39p. + annexes

Sibande, S. (1996). Forest Resource Management. ZFAP, Lusaka.46p.

Simamba, B.H. (1996). Forest Legislation. ZFAP, Lusaka. 77p.

Wanchinga, D.M. (?). Forest Institutions. ZFAP, Lusaka. 65p.

Zambia National Forest Policy (1996). ZFAP Secretariat, Lusaka.59p.

Taskforce reports

The Contribution of Forestry to the National Economy. 47p

Ecosystems Conservation. 69p.

Forest Based Industries in Zambia.27p.

Forest Policy and Legislation. 36p.

Forest Resources Management.45p. + annexes

Gender issues in Forestry.20p.

Review of the Current Status of Education and Training, Research and Forestry Extension in

Zambia. 96p.

The Role of Forests in Land Use. 54p.

Soil and Water Conservation. 60p.

The Status of Farm Forest and Agroforestry in Zambia.61p.

The Status of Non-Wood Forest Products in Zambia. 41 p.

Woodfuel Energy in Zambia. 51p.

Other documents

Gender in Development Division (1996). Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women in Zambia. Cabinet Office, Lusaka. 17p.

International Alliance of Women (1993). Seminar on Environment and Development. Zambia Alliance of Women, Lusaka.73p.

Lingen, Annet (1994). "Gender Assessment Study A guide for policy staff. 56p. Special Programme Women and Development, Directorate for International Co-operation, The Netherlands

Siwela, Sheila (?). "Directory of Gender Trainers". 76p. Zambia Association for Research and Development; Lusaka.

Women for Change. Brief. 3p.

Women for Change. Communicating Gender in Rural Area 2p.

Zambia Alliance of Women (1993). Women for a Healthy Planet. Lusaka 58p.

Zambia Association for Research and Development (draft) (1996). "A Gender Profile of Zambia: Comparison of need versus policy". 122p.Souther Africa Research and Documentation Centre.

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