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Country-level experience has shown that the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting mechanisms pertaining to Farmers' Rights and the conservation and utilization of PGR should be gender-sensitive in order to ensure that all related programmes, policies, and actions are sustainable, effective, and equitable. Thus, the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and Member Nations should recognize in designing and implementing relevant policies and programmes, that:

· The Farmers' Rights concept should more specifically determine who the farmers are that should benefit and be assisted to promote the conservation and sustainable use of PGR;

· Many of the world's small-scale farmers in the centres of crop genetic diversity are women, thus benefits and support should be designed and implemented so as to reach women as well as men farmers;

· Farmers' Rights mean specific rights at both the local and national level, and that both are complementary to national agricultural and socio-economic development.

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