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Forest Impacts Conference

Forest and site alterations due to harvesting operations: Agents, impacts and consequences, FORSITRISK II conference and workshop, 13-17 September 1999, Feldafing, Germany. FAO/ECE/ILO and IUFRO.

FORSITRISK II was established by the Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training. It is a team of specialists concerned with reducing the impact of forest operations on ecosystems.

The primary objectives of FORSITRISK II are:

· Guidelines for users of forest machines and equipment and for designers of forest machines in order to minimise the impact on forest sites and

· Standardised measurement methods concerning damage to forest sites for both practitioners and researchers.

FORSITRISK II currently involves active representatives from Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and USA. It was organised because of the concern for using an ecological approach to conducting forest operations. New techniques and technologies are needed to reduce impacts to residual stands and forest sites after harvest, road work or reforestation.

The objectives of the Feldafing meeting are:

· Distribution of information on new knowledge.

· Dissemination and discussion of the first draft of guidelines.

· Discussion of ongoing actions in practical forestry to protect the environment.

The focus for presentations and working groups will be on the following topics:

· Tree and root damage and assessment

· Soil damage

· Soil damage assessment

· Machinery design and operations

For more information please contact:

Dietmar Matthies

Lehrstuhl fuer Forstliche Arbeitswissenschaft und Angewandte Informatik, Munich University

Am Hochanger 13, 85354 Freising, FRG

Tel. +49-(0)8161-714768, Fax +49-(0)8161-714767

Iwan Wästerlund

Dept. Operational Efficiency

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

SE-901 83 Umeå, Sweden

Tel. +46-(0)90 786 58 55, fax: + 46-(0)90 786 62 78

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