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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7 - 12 August 2000

· Special plenary sessions

· Scientific sub-plenary sessions

· Divisional business and technical sessions (papers and posters)

· Satellite meetings (for IUFRO and non-IUFRO groups)

· International Council meetings (IUFRO's legislative body)

The IUFRO World Congress, normally held at 5-year intervals, is a general assembly of its members. It brings together scientists from all parts of the world to discuss technical and scientific issues related to forestry research and development.

Twenty Congresses have been held in 14 countries since IUFRO's formation in 1892 at Eberswalde, Germany. The IUFRO Congress is one of the largest global forestry events attended by more than 2,000 participants. The previous IUFRO World Congress was held in Tampere, Finland in August 1995.

The XXI IUFRO World Congress is expected to focus on pertinent forest and forestry related issues as we move into the 21st century. The scientific programme will be developed according to the Congress theme and related themes of the sub-plenaries.

The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is responsible for organizing the XXI IUFRO Congress. The beginning of forestry research in Malaysia dates back to the nineteenth century. Initially a research branch under the Forest Department, the organization was transformed into the Forest Research Institute (FRI) in 1929 when it also joined IUFRO.

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Videos: Mangrove Forests & Roads

USDA Forest Service researchers are studying Micronesian mangrove growth and ecology. Their findings and the practical experience of Forest Service and island forest managers and engineers have been summarized in two videos for public education in Micronesia. Micronesian Mangroves: Harvesting and Caring for our Mangrove Forests, explains how woodcutting can be managed to use and conserve the forest. Mangroves Where We Live: Building Roads and Homes While Conserving Our Mangrove Forests and Reefs, explains how good design of roads and urban fill projects can minimize damage to mangroves.

The videos are designed primarily for use in meetings, where they will introduce the topic of mangrove conservation, and where foresters can follow up with specific local information and community-based planning of mangroves. Available in English, Chuukese, Kosraean, Pohnpeian, or Yapese from: Karl Dalla Rosa, Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, USDA Forest Service, 1151 Punchbowl St. Rm. 323, Honolulu, Hawaii 96720 USA, Fax: +1 808 522 8236, Tel: 8233, E-mail: kdallaro/

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