Tigerpaper - Regional quarterly bulletin on wildlife and national parks management - Vol. XXIII: No. 3

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July-September 1996


TIGERPAPER is a quarterly news bulletin dedicated to the exchange of information relating to wildlife and national parks management for the Asia - Pacific Region.

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FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific,
Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road,
Bangkok, 10200, Thailand

Editor: J. Naewboonnien.
Advisors: M. Kashio and P. Durst.

TIGERPAPER is dependent upon your free and voluntary contributions in the form of articles, news items, and announcements in the field of wildlife and nature conservation in the Region. In order to better serve the needs of our readers please write to us and send in the information you have or let us know if there is any information that you need. We appreciate receiving your letters and make all efforts to respond.

The opinions expressed by the contributing authors are not necessarily those of FAO. The designations employed ant the presentation of the material in the TIGERPAPER do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of FAO concerning the legal or constitutional status of any country, territory or sea area or the delimitation of frontiers.

Cover: Ldakh urial
Photo: Ghulam Rasool



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