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Equipment news

Interest in the development of forest utilization and woodworking industries is reflected in the continual demand for information on new equipment. FAO's Forestry Division collects such information and passes it, on request, to Member Governments. Some of the information collected is published here. FAO accepts no responsibility for the claims put forward by manufacturers.


POWER SAW FIRE PUMP COMBINATION. - By means of a new mounting and coupling device a standard low-speed, high-pressure gear pump may be attached to an ordinary power saw. The photo shows the pump in action with a normal power saw motor. The pump is easily portable, being mounted on a packboard. Specifications: Pump together with accompanying equipment weighs 57 lb. May be attached to 5 or 7 h.p. motors; with 5 h.p. motor pump pressure through 2 hoses is under 75 lb. and with 7 h.p. motor is under 100 lb.

Weherhauser Timber Co., 1106 U.S. National Bank Building, Portland 4, Oregon, U.S.A.


COLLET MOTOPLANTER. - A mechanized hole borer for afforestation work. Accessory equipment is available for clearing the surrounding ground, and the machine is designed for easy movement from one boring operation to the next. It can also be used as "motocultivator" by attaching various accessories, and it is hoped eventually to equip it with a pulley so as to utilize the motive power for working a pump, which would be useful in nursery work. Specifications: Motor: Bernard W110; wheels have tractor-type, heavy tread tires, and individual brakes. Depth of bore - 30 cm., diameter of hole 10-30 cm.

Les Fils d'Albert Collet, 41 rue Cardinet, Paris 17e, France.


LAND-CLEARING MOTORMULE. - A track-laying, load-carrying, logging tractor fitted with land-clearing equipment. This new Motormule has a slightly longer chassis than former models, standard logging winch as well as special heavy winch with haul of up to 45,000 lb. and cable capacity of ¾ inch to 100 yd. Driving sprockets and both winches driven by same Diesel engine: 5 speeds. Tractor has six independently moveable bogey wheels on each side, and can be fitted with steel tracks or rubber-linked, rubber-padded tracks manufactured by Atkinson's Agricultural Appliances Ltd. (Clitheroe, Lanes, England).

Motormuli, Hacker u. Co. Komm. Ges., Molln, Austria.


TIMBERHOG BANTAM CHAIN SAW. - A modern lightweight chain saw with the following special features: automatic chain oiler maintains flow of oil to chain during cuts. Narrow guide bar is particularly suited to pulpwood cutting, while planer-type chain enables fast cutting of all timber. Aluminum and magnesium parts ensure light weight. Specifications: full 360° swivel. Weight of unit including 18 inch guide bar and chain: 27¼ lb.

Reed-Prentice Corporation, Worcester 4, Mass., U.S.A.


CHEMICAL SPRAYER. - Petrol-driven sprayer which can be used for killing insects and for spraying plants as a protection against frost. Specifications: weight of sprayer unloaded, 11 kg.; dimensions - length, 165 cm., height, 35 cm., breadth, 28 cm.; petrol content, 1.3 liters; chemical spray content, 4.5 liters.

Schwingfeuer, Vertriebs-Gesellschaft M.B.H., Überlingen/Bodensee, Germany.


AD-40 AND AD-30 MOTOR GRADERS. -Tandem drive gives full traction on these graders. Accessories and special equipment are available to increase adaptability and to meet a wide variety of conditions.

Specifications: AD-40: 4 cylinder, 2-cycle diesel engine; weight, 23,000 lb., 104 brake h.p. AD-30: 3 cylinder, 2-cycle diesel engine; weight, 22,700 lb., 78 brake h.p.

Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


IRVINGTON 26-A CUT-OFF SAW. For defect and all-purpose trimming in sawmills, planing mills, remanufacturing plants. Available in right or left hand models. Specifications: Motor: 3 h.p. for 16 inch saw, or 5 h.p. for 18 inch saw, 3,600 r.p.m.; 220 or 440 volts, 60 cycle, 3 phase, ball bearings. Overall height of machine, 4 feet 3 inch. Operating table height, 33 ½ inch with 18 inch saw and 34 ½ with 16 inch saw.

Irvington Machine Works, 1808 N. E. 7th Avenue, Portland 12, Oregon, U.S.A.


SELF-WINDING ELECTRIC CABLE REEL. - The reel, attached to ceiling or wall bracket, keeps the cable clear of the floor and of possible damage. Standard length of cable will serve an area 50 feet in diameter, but only sufficient cable need be paid out to reach the desired point. Cable rewinds automatically onto drum when not required. Special connections permit rotating and swivelling. Metal parts and inspection lamp cage are earthed. Enamel finish protects the device from acid fumes and damp atmosphere.

Power House Components Ltd., Albion Chambers, King Street, Nottingham, England.


"BESCO" TURRET SAW BENCH. Saw bench equipped with rise and fall spindle. Specifications: saw has two speeds, 3,000 r.p.m. and 1,700 r.p.m., and self-contained, built-in motor, which drives saw spindle through V-ropes and is complete with starter, isolator and 24 inch saw blade. Table moves either right or left to 360° on main base.

F. J. Edwards, Ltd., 359-361 Euston Road, London, N.W.1, England.


AUTOMATIC SAW SHARPENER. - In this machine, a motor above the grinding wheel head drives grinding wheel by means of short V-belt and a flange motor at rear drives both built-in dust extraction fan and feed mechanism. Specifications: Motor for grinding wheel, ¼ h.p.; flange motor, 1 h.p. Weight approx. 6 ½ cwt.; capacity: sharpens circular saws from approx. 4 ¾ inch to 40 inch diameter, and of 1 inch to 2 3/8 inch bore. Latest type is fitted for 2 speeds, 32 and 65 teeth per minute, and with adjustment by lever for three different profiles of teeth.

Interwood Ltd., 326 Old Street, London, E.C.1, England.


HYSTER LIFT TRUCK (MODEL 20). - Variations from the standard Hyster lift truck are: optional 3-piece additional counterweight to bring truck up to 2,000 lb. capacity at 24 inch load centers; optional counterweights bolt to rear of machine with 8 capscrews, adding 2¼ inches to overall length. With new "skeleton" counterweight, capacity is 1,300 lb. at 15 inch load centers and 1,000 lb. at 24 inch load centers, with no change in overall length.

Hyster Company, 2902 N.E. Clackamas Street, Portland 8, Oregon, U.S.A.


"WOLF" ELECTRIC SAW (TYPE R.S.10). - Depth of cut determined by hand wheel adjustment on a vertical quadrant; riving knife of tempered spring steel relieves back pressure of saw blade. Cut indicator fitted to sole plate ensures accurate positioning for straight and bevel cuts up to 45°. For ripping and cross-cut work a "combination" blade is supplied, and for plywood a "planer" blade. A ripping guide is also provided which can be adjusted for ripping or cross-cut work up to 5 ½ inches in width. The use of magnesium alloy in frame construction ensures lightness.

Wolf Electric Tools Ltd., Pioneer Works, Hanger Lane, London, W.5.


OVERHEAD LATHE CHARGER. - The feature of this equipment is the hydraulic operation from single set of controls. All shafts are mounted on ball bearings, wheels on roller bearings. To ensure alignment, carriage drive is through a pinion at each end of the drive shaft and gear racks on the runway beams. Lift cylinders are hung in a saddle and are protected from shock loads by rubber-backed clamps. All cylinders have automotive type piston rings, large diameter polished piston rods and honed cylinders of heavy wall seamless steel tubing. Clamping arms have bronze sliding shoes which are adjustable according to wear. Lathe specifications are according to plant requirements.

Ederer Engineering Co., 2931 First Avenue South, Seattle 4, Washington, U.S.A.

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