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Equipment news

Interest in the development of forest utilization and woodworking industries is rejected in the continual demand for information on new equipment. The Forestry Division, TAO, collects such information and passes it, on request, to Member Governments: a selection is published here. TAO accepts no responsibility for the claims of manufacturers.


- This apparatus is a cheap and simple construction for sharpening posts. It consists of a metal conical body with a 12 in. (30.5 cm.) blade, 2 in. (6 cm). wide and ¼ in. (0.6 cm.) thick. Inventor: Mr. E. Salthouse, 25 Westbourne Road, Urmston, Manchester, England.


- The single cage wheel prevents veil consolidation caused by the tractor wheel. It can be bolted to the side of the tractor wheel and the diameter is designed to allow the cage wheel and tyre to take the weight of the tractor, while keeping the pneumatic wheel from panning into the land. The double cage wheels illustrated here completely replace tractor wheels and are well suited to bog and swamp land.

Catchpole Engineering Co. Ltd., 19, Hatter Street, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.


- This attachment is designed for Standard Lombard chain saw models 30, 35, 3A or 3-½D. It is interchangeable with the chain saw blade and can be fixed quickly and easily to the motor.

Lombard Governor Corp., Ashland, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


- This machine cuts brush, briars, vines and other undergrowth up to 2 in. (5 cm.) diameter; it eliminates raking and burning and can be used for reducing fire hazard. It has three pairs of rotary blades.

Specifications: cutting width 7 ft. 6 in. (2.3 m.); over-all width 8 ft. ½ in. (2.5 m.); over-all length 8 ft. 2 in. (2.5 m.); maximum cutting height 14 in. (35.6 cm.); minimum cutting height 2 in. (5 cm.), operating speed 3.5 to 7 m.p.h. (5.6 to 11.2 km.); weight 915 lb. (415 kg.).

Lilliston Equipment Co., Albany, Georgia, U.S.A.


- This saw with its reciprocating action is based on the same principle as the hand saw, and cuts at a speed of 160 strokes per second. It is designed for felling, limbing and bucking trees up to 30 in. (76 cm.) diameter. An automatic cut-off stops the saw as soon as the trigger is released. The saw is powered by a twin cylinder, single firing gasoline engine. The blades are permanently set and may be sharpened with an ordinary flat file, and the job requires no special equipment or tools. Weight of saw, 25 lb. (11 kg.).

Wright Power Saw and Tool Corp., 292 Longhrook Ave., Stratford, Connecticut, U.S.A.


- A chain saw cutting trees of any growth up to 6 in. (15 cm.) diameter. Power is provided by a 2 h.p. engine turning at 4,000 r.p.m. transmitted by automatic centrifugal clutch. One piece crank case cylinder is equipped with air cleaner and push-button dump valve and air vane which automatically adjusts engine speed to fit load requirements. Can be equipped with the Seythette to cut weeds and reeds.

Hoffco, Inc., Richmond, Indiana, U.S.A.


- This machine utilizes entire knife area, permitting maximum diameter stock for reduction into uniform chips. The spout opening is dependent upon the disc diameter and the number of knives depends upon the required production rate. The (chipper has a 21 in. (53 cm.) spout opening with a 78 in. (198 cm.) disc; three knives can handle the production adequately with minimum horsepower requirements.

Sumner Iron Works, Everett, Washington, U.S.A.


- This machine is designed to convert tree tops, small branches, brushwood, etc., into logs and kind ling wood of 6 in; (15 cm.) lengths. handling material up to a maximum of 3 ½ in. to 4 ½ in. (8.9 to 11.4 cm.) diameter. The chopping agent is a very heavy steel knife which is carried along with four steel angle beaters on a counter-balanced cast iron wheel.

The wood chopper may be driven from the power take-off of a tractor through a countershaft to avoid transmission of vibration etc., or alternatively and preferably by its own self-contained power unit.

Sole Distributors: Gopsill Brown. Trading to. Ltd., Revelry Road, Gloucester, England.


- This range of vehicles has been designed for heavy duty under "off-the-road" conditions, and can be equipped with an extensible pole type semi-trailer for round timber haulage. With the Scammel automatic coupling a tractor may be coupled to a trailer at any angle up to 90° and the operation of either coupling or uncoupling is under the control of the driver who need not leave the cab during the operation. Specifications: motor, Rolls-Royce 185 b.h.p. diesel; gearbox, 6 speeds with 2-speed transposing box giving 12 speeds forward and 2 reverse; driving axles, 3 epicyclic. Maximum tractive effort: 45,000 lb. (20,400 kg.); available wheelbases, 15 ft. 9 in. (4.8 m.); 17 ft. 8 in. (5.2 m.) and 21 ft. 9 in. (6.6 m.).

Scammel Lorries Ltd., Watford, Hertfordshire, England.


- Comprises a disc sander, vertical and horizontal drilling machine, circular saw (as illustrated), and wood-turning lathe. All attachments are secured to spindle nose by a locking screw. Drive by means of ½ h.p., 1,400 r.p.m. motor. Table tilt - any angle through 90° in one direction and 45° in the other. Specifications: disc sander - diameter of sanding disc, 12 in. (30.5 cm.). Vertical and horizontal drilling machine - capacity of drill chuck, 0 to ½ in. (1.3 cm.); spindle speeds, 3,400, 2,400, 1,700, 1,200, 900 and 600 r.p.m. Circular saw - diameter of saw, 8 in. (20 cm.). Wood turning table - maximum swing, 15 in. (38 cm.).

Smart and Brown (Machine Tools) Ltd., 25 Manchester Square, London, W. 1., England.


- This machine is designed to speed up operations in moving pulpwood in the storage yard. The loader is mounted on a Case "LAI" industrial tractor. Equipped with automatic counter-weight which moves back as load is raised transmitting stress to back axle, - thereby reducing strain caused by "rocking". Bulldozer and other attachments can be operated by this unit. specifications: weight of loader and tractor, including counter-weight, 23,700 lb. (10,980 kg.); weight of tractor only, 7,200 lb. (3,270 kg.); engine, 4-cylinder, brake horsepower 411 at 1,100 r.p.m., governed speed under load 1,100 r.p.m. Turning radius, IS ft. 3 in. (5 m.).

Harrison Manufacturing Co., Columbia. South Carolina, U.S.A.


- Convertible band push bench to break down round logs of medium size. The fixed table converts to hand-feed resaw. Specification: maximum depth of cut, 2 ft. 8 in. (0.81 m.); speed, 650 r.p.m.; motor, 25 b.h.p.; size of fast and loose pulleys, 18 in. x 6 in. (46 x 15 cm.). Size of table: rolling table, 10 ft. × 20 in. × 10 in. (3 m. × 51 cm. × 26 cm.); fixed table, 3 ft. 9 in. × 2 ft. 4 i/2 in. (1.1 × 0.7 m.). Table height: rolling table, 3 ft. 9 in. (1.1 m.); fixed table, 2 ft. 9 in. (0.84 m.).

Stenners of Tiverton Ltd., Lowman Works, Tiverton, Devon, England.

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