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Equipment section


POWERPHONE. - Two-way loud-peaker telephone for use outdoors or indoors on cranes, cableways, logging operations, at building and construction sites, etc. Special features: Range: 6 miles (9.6 km.) or more, with 2 to 6 stations on same line. Heard and understood up to 50 yards (46 m.). Volume decreased by pressing button.

Wyssen Skyline-Cranes, Reichenbach, Kandervalley, Switzerland.


HAND RIVET SPINNER. - Manually-operated cast iron spinner complete with two threaded take-up handles and two interchangeable spinner mandrels that fit all chain pit sizes. Spun rivet gives equal pressure, equal holding strength all around rivet's shank.

Omark Industries, Inc., 9701 S. E. McLoughlin Boulevard, Portland 22, Oregon, U. S. A.


TRAXCAVATOR No. 977. - Fork for Traxcavator designed to handle 16 ft. (4.88 m.) lengths of wood up to 8,500 lb. (3,866 kg. or 1,9 cord.)

Tine spacing 75 in. (1.90 m.) center-to-center, overall width of fork 80 in. (2.03 m.). With lift arms of the No. 977 in horizontal portion, forward reach ahead of bumper 110 in. (2.80 m.). Specifications: Engine 4 stroke diesel, 6 cylinders, 100 hp. available at flywheel at sea level. Over-all dimensions: length 17 ft. ½ in. (5.19 m.); width 8 ft. (2.44 m.); height 7 ft. 6 ½ in. (2.30 m.).

Caterpillar Tractor Company, Peoria, Illinois, U. S. A.


EARTH ANCHOR. - No driving or digging required. To install screw into ground with rod inclined to line of pull, attach wire rope or cable to eye. To move anchor, screw it out of ground, there is no hole to fill or damaging of the sod. It has many uses for anchoring yard light poles, gate posts, etc. Tested to withstand over 2,000 lb. (907 kg.) pull in ordinary Roil conditions.

Danuser Machine Company; 500 E. 3rd Street, Fulton, Missouri, U.S.A.


ND 30 LOG EDGER. - Main features: automatic log centralizing device, a 3 in. (76 mm.) pitch chain enables "dogs" for pulling logs through saw blades to be put in any chain link. Precision dial indicator positions distance between blades. All power driven shafts mounted on ball and roller bearings in dust-proof housings. Specifications: Spindle speed 1,470 r.p.m. Power required 76/100 hp. depending on duty. Distance between sawblades: max. 11 in.; min. 2 ¼ in. (6.7 cm.). Max. log diameter 14 in. (36 cm.). Overall height 6 ft. (1.52 m.). Floor space 4 ft. x 6 ft. x 6 in. (1.22 x 1.52 m. x 16 cm.).

Crofts Engineers S. A. (Pty) Limited, Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa.


3,000 WATT GASOLINE - ENGINE-DRIVEN GENERATOR. - Two units, the 116 Volt, 60 cycle model 8A115 and the 116/230 Volt, 60 cycle model 8A115/230 provide dependable source of power for operating electric drills, saws, concrete vibrators, floodlights and other power tools. Weight 140 lb. (63.6 kg.). Can be carried easily and used anywhere. Power provided by Homelite 2-cycle gasoline engine directly coupled to armature shaft.

Homelite, Port Chester, New York, U.S.A.


MOBILE STONE CRUSHING AND SCREENING PLANT. - Available with either diesel or petrol driven engines. Various sizes of jaw crushers for outputs of 6 to 15 tons of crushed atone per hour; 30 in. (76 cm.) diam. grading screen gives 3 or 4 separations and oversize. Mounted on trolley fabricated from rolled steel channel and fitted as standard with pneumatic tired wheels. Ackermann type steering fitted with tow bar on front axle gives safe maneuverability on doping ground. Safety guards are fitted over all driving belts and flywheels, loading platform placed adjacent to feed entry of crusher. Plant is of rugged construction, designed for heavy continuous use.

W. S. Barron and Son, Ltd., Gloucester, England.


GILL SPARK ARRESTOR. - By means of centrifugal action traps almost 100 percent of exhaust carbon. Recommended for use on tractors and trucks working in forests. Made of stainless steel. Designed so that its centrifugal action keeps arrestor scrubbed clean, hack pressure is negligible. May be used in any position.

Erickson Products Co., 761 Clementina Street, San Francisco 3, California, U.S.A.


FLOW DEVELOPER. - Produces controlled swift water flow for boosting movements and sorting work of floating timber. Adaptable to other purposes where water movement needed. Large amount of water put into motion is practical way of eliminating ice in basins and harbors. Model 11 C for instance, moves 1,000 liters (264 U. S. gall.) per sec. All steel-construction. Propeller cast bronze, balanced driven with V-belts by heavy duty electric motor (except smallest model 3 C). This model carried by hand, bigger models secured to wooden raft. Optionally delivered as unit with all steel raft and cable roll. 4 models.

Valmet Oy., Kaivokatu 10, Helsinki, Finland.


DANARM DD8F CHAIN SAW. - Specifications: Cutting widths 18 in., 28 in. and 28 in. (46 cm., 68 cm., 71 cm.); weight 28 lb. without guide blade (12.7 kg.) diaphragm carburettor; special Villiers engine with rotary valve gives max. power at cutting speed of 5,600 r.p.m. Power output 4.6 hp. under load. Double water trap in fuel tank and adequate fuel filters at three points - all water repellent and giving full protection against ice crystals forming in fuel. Clutch-centrifugal, allowing one-hand operation. Starter - detachable automatic rewind, with pulley incorporated suitable for rope starting as alternative. Thumb controlled chain oiler.

J. Clubley Armstrong Danarm, Ltd., Wilton Road, London S.W.1, England.


FOOTAGE FOR WOODWORKING MACHINERY. - A range of counters installed upon varying classes of woodworking machinery give visual record of length of timber processed. Recording unit has 5-figure capacity to 99,999 ft. all figures react to zero instantly by 60° turn of detachable react key. Direct measure wheel contact is principle by which recording is effected, automatic brake comes into operation immediately timber has passed. Photograph shows edger unit for attachment to straight line edgers.

English Numbering Machines Limited, Enfield, Middlesex, England.


ROUTER-MILLING MACHINE. - Using templates, machine mass-produces soya, fancy cases, cabinet-work, etc. Frequency changer converts from 50 cycles/sec. to 300 or 400 cycles/sec. to give 18,000 or 24,000 r.p.m. Cutterhead tilts sideways to horizontal up to 46°. Tilt shown on graduated scale. Cutterhead has travel distance of 130 mm. Retractable, reproducer guide operated by lever. Specifications: Spindle speed: 18,000 and 24,000 r.p.m. Motor power: 3 k.p. Table dimensions: 760 x 760 mm. (approx. 29 ½ x 29 ½ in.). Max. distance between table and cutterhead: 360 mm. (approx. 14 in.). Distance between arbor of cutterhead and support: 650 mm. (approx. 25 ½ in.) Vertical travel of spindle: 130 mm. (approx. 6 in.). Space occupied: 1,786 x 1,310 x 760 mm. (approx. 70 x 5 ½ x 29 ½ in)

Guilliet, Auxere, France.


PAN-L-SAW TYPE EU/T. - New panel saw developed for sheet-cutting industries using plastic (e.g., Formica), plywood, fibreboard. Saw end cut controlled whilst holding material. Sheet held firm to table along saw-line by overhead pressure beam. Saw traverses material on cutting stroke only, completely below table on return stroke, allowing immediate off-loading. Specifications: Max. length of cut 10 ft. (3,048 mm.); max. thickness of cut 1 in. (25 mm.): diameter of saw 10 in. (264 mm.); B.H.P. of driving motor 1 ½ ; nett weight 1,120 lb. (508 kg.).

Thomas Robinson and Son. Ltd., Rochdale, England.


CRESCENT 36-IN. ANGLE BAND SAW - Particularly useful in working with large pieces of material. Stock 12 in. (30 cm.) square by 10 ft. (3 m.) long, can be handled by one man. Cutting angle may be gradually changed while sew is in cut. Any angle from 0 to 46 degrees to the left and 6 degrees to the right may be obtained. Graduated scale and pointer accurately indicate degree of angle. Tilt governed by crank on left hand aide of table, and other parts adjust automatically to selected angle.

The Enterprise Company, Columbiana, Ohio, U.S.A.


PLANER CUTTER SETTER. - Used for adjusting planer cutters of smooth planers, thicknessing machines and molding machines. Dial gauge with front and back reading can be used for measuring set of saws by loosening knurled screw. Solid light-metal body. Gauge long enough to be read outside the machine. Supplied in metric and in inch divisions.

Johannes Käfer Messuhrenfabrik, Hahnstrasse 11, Schweningen a. N. (Württemberg), Germany.

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