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F. Annex to the Memorandum Setting out Guidelines for Cooperation between FAO and UNIDO in the Field of Industrial Development

Food and agriculture (including forestry and fisheries)

RAW MATERIAL 1. FAO operations, belonging together in the chain with production, and/or other operations which are inherent in meeting food and nutritional requirements. These operations include pilot projects, where appropriate, for training and demonstration of modern processing techniques and technologies, handling of raw materials and marketing and distribution of processed products hereunder indicated 2. FAO/UNIDO JOINT CONCERN 3. UNIDO operations, belonging together with other industrial development activity and/or other operations which need to be dealt with. These operations include pilot and demonstration plants and projects for industrial activities on subjects hereunder included.
    2a. Larger operational concern of FAO, with UNIDO participation as may be arranged 2b. Larger operational concern of UNIDO with FAO participation as may be arranged  
Group I (a)        
NON -EDIBLE        
1. Vegetable fibres        
Cotton Ginning into cotton-seed and lint; sorting and baling Handloom weaving and rope making projects in rural communities, utilizing local cotton, vegetable fibres, etc.   Textile industry development Spinning, knitting, weaving (Yarn, thread, felt, twines, woven and knitted fabrics, blankets, carpets, cordage, and further industrial manufacturing).
Jute and kenaf Retting; cutting; ribboning; decorticating; drying; sorting; baling      
2. Animal fibres        
Wool Shearing; classing; fell-mongering; scouring; carding; combing; baling Handloom weaving projects in rural communities, utilizing local wool, silk, etc.   Textile industry development. Spinning, knitting weaving. (yarn, thread, felt, twines, woven and knitted fabrics, blankets, carpets, cordage, and further industrial manufacturing)
Silk Reeling      
  Man-made fibres      
  Economic studies to advise Member Governments with respect to competition of natural fibres     Manufacture of man-made fibres, etc.
  Fibre research      
  Agricultural fibre research activities (spinning tests for cotton, wool, etc. in laboratory with objective of feeding results back to primary producer, grower and breeder) also are part of FAO operations. (See column 3 for UNIDO activities)     Industrial fibre research physical and chemical tests for industry; research with objective of modifying physical and chemical characteristics of fibres; evaluating properties, etc.
3. Hides and Skins Flaying; curing; grading; salting; drying; pickling; tanning; storage and packing. By-products processing. Feasibility studies for large-scale manufacture as shown in Column 3   Tanning on industrial scale; leather; glue; gelatine; industrial leathers; leather goods and other industrial products; serial manufacture of footwear, etc.
4. Rubber Separating; coagulating; drying and smoking of latex; latex concentration; crepe, sheets and block rubber; baling   Feasibility studies for operations shown in Column 3 Compounding; moulding; vulcanization, foam rubber development; rubber goods industry. Manufacture of tyres, footwear, belting, tubes, flooring material, etc.
5. Tobacco Drying; curing; grading; ageing; fermenting; storage and packing   As above under 4 Blending; manufacture of tobacco products
6. Technical oils (such as castor, lung, etc. ) Processing and extraction except on industrial scale   Feasibility studies for industrial processing (refining) as shown in Column 3 Processing and extraction on industrial scale; crude oil refining; manufacture of derivatives (varnish); paint; sulfonation and detergents, plasticisers, etc.
7. Essential oils Oil extraction and processing     Crude oil refining; derivatives for cosmetics and other pharmaceutical end uses
8. Bagasse and straw Drying; baling, etc.; transport and other activities until it is used as an industrial input     Industrial processing including pulp and paper
9. Forestry products Logging; saw milling; wood- based panels (veneer and plywood, fibre board and particle board); wood preservation; pulp and paper     Furniture; wooden prefabricated housing components; joinery and timber fabrication; paper conversion and various secondary industries; packaging, etc.; match manufacture. Manufacture of forestry tools; equipment and machinery for forest industries
10. Animal feed compounds Preparation from agricultural and fisheries waste and by- products; grinding; drying; mixing; blending, etc.      
GROUP I (b) EDIBLE        
1. Rice Threshing; cleaning; drying; parboiling; extraction of bran; husking; storage; milling; polishing   Feasibility studies with respect to large-scale milling operations Breweries. (Beer, sake and other alcoholic beverages)
2. Wheat and coarse grains Threshing; cleaning; drying; grinding; bran separation; by-products utilization; grain handling; protection, storage; (fine grinding and classification of protein-rich fractions of the bran and endosperm; baking(bread, biscuits, pasta, and other food preparations))   Feasibility studies with respect to industrial-scale milling operations Starch derivatives (glue, paint, etc. ) Milling on an industrial scale
3. Cassava Slicing; drying; starch(flour) processing   - do - Starch derivatives (glue, paint, etc. )
4. Oilseeds (coconut, soy- bean, palm, olive, cotton- seed, ground- nut, etc. ) Storage; shelling; hulling; peeling; decorticating; washing; cleaning; pressing; extracting and processing (except on industrial-scale); protein concentrates   Refining of crude oils Extracting and processing on industrial scale. Hydrogenation and other processes (margarine, soap)
5. Spices Curing; cleaning; drying; crushing; mixing; packing     Extraction of essential oils and oleoresins; compounding mixtures
6. Sugar (cane and beet) Crushing; concentrating and separating; raw sugar; molasses. Ghur (brown sugar) processing. By-products utilization for animal feed   Feasibility studies with respect to industrial-scale operations Processing on industrial scale where the end-product is white sugar; confectionery and sugar-based products. Industrial alcohol and alcoholic beverages
7. Cocoa Fermenting; drying; roasting; shelling; grinding and butter extraction; storage     Manufacture of chocolates, powder, beverages. Extraction of cocoa butter on an industrial-scale
8. Coffee Pulping; fermenting; washing; drying; hulling; grading     Roasting, blending and grinding; soluble and decaffeinated coffee; caffeine and other pharmaceuticals
9. Tea Withering; rolling; braking; sifting; curing; fermenting; grading; packing

(Commodity, economic and statistical studies, projections, etc. on subjects mentioned in this column)
    Blending; soluble tea

Having regard to the commodity, economic, statistical studies, projections, etc. conducted by FAO, similar studies with respect to industrial aspects of items in Column 3 will be undertaken by UNIDO

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