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556. As a result of a recommendation of the Program Committee, an independent consultant carried out in 1958 - 59 a study of the purposes and objectives of the FAO Library. The purpose of this study was to obtain advice on the steps which should be taken to strengthen the Library and develop its value for all potential users, including outside readers and institutions.

557. The Conference had before it the report of the consultant, which the Director General received in March 1959 (C 59/ 11).The Conference wished to commend the United Nations librarian for the very thorough and painstaking survey he had carried out and the very valuable recommendations he had put forward in his report.

558. The Conference was also informed that, after receipt of the consultant's report, the Director - General had decided to initiate a supplementary internal survey of the organization and methods of the Library by FAO's Organization and Methods Section. This internal survey is required in order to be able to plan accurately the implementation of the consultant's proposals, to ascertain as exactly as possible their implications in the light of existing facilities, and also to detect areas where procedures might be simplified.

559. Although this second survey had not yet been completed, the Director - General was able to inform the Conference that the stage had now been reached when it would be possible to undertake the preparation of a development program setting out priorities for the gradual implementation of the consultant's major policy recommendations. In the meantime, steps would be taken without delay to correct whatever weaknesses had been revealed and to introduce some of the simpler measures which the consultant had advocated.

560. The administrative and financial consequences of the proposed strengthening and expansion of the Library would also be assessed in relation to the findings of the Organization and Methods survey.

561. The Director - General informed the Conference that he would keep the Program and Finance Committees informed of progress in formulating the expansion program of the Library and would place before the Eleventh Session of the Conference a full report setting out the staffing and budgetary implications of these programs for 1962 - 63. For the interim period the minor readjustments which the survey had advocated, involving an additional cost of approximately $6,000 for the 1960 - 61 biennium, would be implemented within the adopted budget,

562. The Conference was gratified to learn of the steps which would thus be taken to strengthen the FAO Library. Such action should aim at serving not only, the Headquarters staff of FAO but also the regional offices, field stall, outside readers and institutions. The policy of inter - library loans was advocated and attention was drawn to the importance of completing an up - to - date catalogue of the collections.

563. With regard to the suggestion of the consultant that suitable library trainees be admitted for voluntary work, stress was laid upon the fact that this excellent suggestion should not be used as a device to obviate strengthening the library staff.

564. Special attention was also drawn to the need of improving the accommodation in the existing Library, as specified in para. 28 of the consultant's report.

565. In conclusion, the Conference decided to re - examine the matter at its Eleventh Session, in the light of the Director - General's report

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