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II. List of Resolutions

1/55 Tenth Anniversary of FAO

2/55 Agenda of the Session

3/55 Admission of Observers

4/55 Admission of Consumption

5/55 Expert Working Party on Systems of Price Support

6/55 Proposed Establishment of a Special United Nations Fund for Economic Development (SUNFED)

7/55 Principles and Guiding Lines of Surplus Disposal

8/55 Use of Surpluses in Aid of Development

9/55 International Effects of National Policies

10/55 Establishment of CCP Group on Hard Fibers

11/55 Establishment of CCP Group on Coconut and Coconut Products

12/55 CCP Membership

13/55 Latin-American Regional Services

14/55 Liaison with United Nations Headquarters

15/55 Use of ETAP Funds for Regional Projects

16/55 Co-operation of FAO in ETAP

17/55 Center on Land Problems, Mexico

18/55 Control of Senn-Pest

19/55 Locust Control

20/55 Flood Control

21/55 1960 World Census of Agriculture

22/55 Regional Consultations

23/55 Regional Committees on Forest Research

24/55 Simultaneous Distribution of Documents in the Three Working Languages

25/55 Budgets for 1956 and 1957

26/55 Budget Levels for 1956 and 1957

27/55 Carry-over of Funds from 1956 to 1957

28/55 Geographical Distribution of Council Seats

29/55 Principles for Selection of Council

30/55 Admission of Associate Members

31/55 Authentic Texts and Certified Copies of Certified Copies of Conventions

32/55 Establishment of Commissions and Committees and Convening of Conferences

33/55 Admission of the Spanish Zone of Morocco to the General Fisheries Council of the Mediterranean

34/55 Granting of Consultative Status to Non-Governmental Organization

35/55 Granting of Observer Status

36/55 Status of Conventions and Agreements Requiring Conference Action

37/55 Agreement for the Establishment of a Latin-American Forestry Research and Training Institute

38/55 Agreement with the Council of Europe

39/55 Structure, Functions and Procedures of the Council and of certain Committees

40/55 Financial Arrangements

41/55 Biennial Budgeting

42/55 Scale of Contribution

43/55 Audited Accounts for 1953 and 1954

44/55 Arrears of 1952 Excess Credits

45/55 Legal Obligation in Respect of Fellowships

46/55 Amendments to Financial Regulations

47/55 Organization Adjustments Conference Facilities

48/55 Conference Facilities

49/55 Compensation Plan Reserve Fund

50/55 Geographic Distribution of Staff

51/55 Appointment of Independent Chairman of the Council

52/55 Election of Council Members

53/55 Appointment of External Auditor

54/55 Staff Pension Committee

55/55 Assistance to the Republic of Korea

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