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1. The Expert Consultation on the Conditions of Access to the Fish Resources of the Exclusive Economic Zone was held in Rome, Italy, 11-15 April 1983. The Consultation was called as one of the preparatory sessions for the FAO World Conference on Fisheries Management and Development whose Technical Session will be held in 10-19 October 1983 and whose Policy Session will be held in 1984. There were 15 experts participating in the Consultation, invited in their personal capacity rather than as representatives of their governments or organizations. A list of experts and authors is given in Appendix 1 of this report.

2. The Consultation was opened by the Chairman, Mr. James S. Campbell. Dr. Deb Menasveta delivered a welcoming address on behalf of the Assistant Director-General for Fisheries of FAO.

3. The Consultation considered and adopted the provisional timetable, as given in Appendix 2. The documents which were prepared for the Consultation are listed in Appendix 3 and presented as part of this report in Annexes 1 to 18.

4. The Consultation was chaired by Mr. James S. Campbell. Dr. James A. Storer was Discussion Leader for Agenda Item 3 - "Revenues and Other Economic Benefits"; Mr. Juan Prat was Discussion Leader for Agenda Item 4 - "Access Conditions and Procedures"; and Mr. B. Seck was Discussion Leader for Agenda Item 5 - "Prospects for Cooperation with Respect to Common Interest Fisheries".

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