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In the preparation of this book the author has drawn on information from the traditional literature. In addition he made much use of personal experience not previously published. He has also received much assistance from individuals and organizations possessing information of practical value not so readily available. He would like to acknowledge the help of the Consultancy Bureau of Euroconsult in the Netherlands, and Bord na Mona in Ireland. He wishes to thank in particular Professor Snyder, University of Florida, U.S.A. (Everglades Research and Education Centre Belle Glade) for making available research data from the Everglades Peats, and the Departments of Agriculture in Sarawak (Malaysia) for also allowing him to use unpublished information. The text was edited by J.M. Hodgson and R.C. Palmer of the Soil Survey and Land Research Centre, Rothamsted Experimental Station, England.

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