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Land resources and food security of Central Asia and Southern Caucasus

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Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: FAO; ФАО
Pages: 434 p.
Job Number: I5914
Personal author: Krasilnikov, P./Красильников, П.В. ; Konyushkova, M./Конюшкова, М.В. ; Vargas, V./Варгас, Р.


This book is aimed at finding answers to questions about what the current situation with soil resources in the region of Central Asia and Southern Caucasus as related to food security, and how we can improve the food supply through the impact on the soil. The book consists of three parts. The first part is devoted to common issues of food security and sustainable development, and to the role of soil resources in their maintenance. The second part is about land resources, the assessment of their degradation and successful practices of their recovery. The third part puts assessment and soil functioning in the context of a systematic approach, which encompasses multiple components of the landscape.

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