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Informing Future Interventions for Scaling-up Sustainable Land Management

Lessons learned for decision makers from a review of experiences of the Terrafrica Strategic Investment Programme on SLM in Sub-Saharan Africa (SIP) under the NEPAD –Terrafrica Partnership Framework

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Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: FAO
Pages: 40 p.
Job Number: I5621
Personal author: Bunning, S. ; Woodfine, A.; Vallée, D.


The review was conducted with the aim to provide guidance for future engagement / investments, in particular in the context of recent AU declarations on agriculture and on land restoration by NEPAD, GEF, TerrAfrica, the Great Green Wall Initiative for the Sahel and Sahara (GGWISS), UN agencies and other donors. This paper provides an abridged summary of the findings for easier access by country policy / decision makers, agencies, development partners and donors, as a basis for informing future interventions for scaling- up sustainable land management (SLM).

Also Available in: French

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