A. McK. Bannerman
Título de la serie: Torry Advisory Notes  - No. 48
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Sumario : Defines a kipper, and discusses the quality of chilled and frozen herring for kippering, particularly fat content. Emphasises the importance of rapid chilling and correct chilling and icing practice, and correct freezing practice. Describes the kippering process in detail, covering washing, splitting, brining, colouring, tentering, smoking, cooling, packing and storage, and gives information on storage life. Also covers production of kipper fillets, freezing of kipper products, and dos and don'ts for distributors and retailers. Illustrations include the fat-water relationship, sketches of both mechanical kilns and simple home-made kilns, and continuous brining equipment. It is important to note that the use of wood is not compatible with current hygiene requirements, and that current legislation should be consulted concerning the permitted use of colours in products, and the labelling of products.