Лесное хозяйство в засушливых регионах

На этой странице представлена информация обо всех событиях, семинарах и совещаниях в сфере лесного хозяйства в засушливых регионах

El País: Desert on one side, green on the other

08 May 2016
In 2007, the African Union launched a programme called the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel to revert land degradation and desertification and help communities adapt to climate ...

El País: A great wall of hope

06 May 2016
Imagine a mantle of green landscape around the Sahara desert. Not a concrete of barbed wired wall to keep people inside or out. But woods and pastures and fields to ...

"Great Wall of Africa" planned to hold back the Sahara

06 May 2016
A massive-scale project proposed by the African Union, partly funded by the EU, will see a wall of trees erected at the edge of the Sahara, in an attempt to ...

African leaders tackle desertification to counter poverty, insecurity

04 May 2016
DAKAR — The African Union is holding the first ever international conference on the Great Green Wall in Dakar this week. The goal is to map out a strategy to ...

"Great Green Wall" thousands of mile long could be built across Africa to stop the spread of the Sahara

03 May 2016
A grand vision for a wall of vegetation reaching thousands of miles across Africa and slowing the spread of the Sahara Desert took a step closer to becoming a reality ...
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