Dryland Forestry

Beefing up efforts to restore the world’s drylands

16 November 2016
Rome - A set of global guidelines on restoration of the world’s drylands, drawn up by FAO and partners, is now available in French translation.   Over forty percent of the world’s land cover consists of drylands, home to around two billion people. Between 10-20% are estimated to be degraded.  Drylands face [...]

Call to integrate African Drylands Week into African Union’s work

07 September 2016
Rome - At the 3rd African Drylands Conference held in Windhoek, Namibia from 8-12 August 2016, delegates from global, regional, and national institutions involved in drought mitigation and drylands management in Africa called for the integration of the African Drylands Week into the work of the African Union. Sustainable management of [...]

Launch of a COFO Working Group on dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems

29 July 2016
Dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems, when well managed, contribute to the food security, livelihoods and resilience of millions of people as well as to sustainable landscapes. To understand and tackle the problems behind the loss and degradation of agrosilvopastoral systems in drylands, and to better support these systems, FAO was [...]

La Grande Muraille Verte : le projet à changé les habitudes alimentaires dans la zone sylvo-pastorale

28 July 2016
iGFM, Louga – La grande muraille verte n’est pas seulement une bande de végétation qui part du Sénégal à la Corne de l’Afrique. A coté des activités de reboisement, le projet a développé des activités de maraîchage à l’image des jardins polyvalents villageois dans la zone sylvo-pastorale. Ainsi ces populations [...]

Reverdissement du Sahel : La méthode Tiipaalga citée en exemple dans le Soum

23 July 2016
L’initiative de la Grande muraille verte pour le Sahel et le Sahara (IGMVSS) au Burkina Faso a pour but de lutter contre la dégradation des terres et la désertification au Sahel et au Sahara, de renforcer la sécurité alimentaire et soutenir les communautés à s’adapter au changement climatique. Dans sa [...]

More investment crucial to upscale Great Green Wall initiative

20 July 2016
Rome - During a high-level event on the Great Green Wall initiative, leaders of African countries called for increased investment in combatting desertification and land degradation to improve the lives of the people of Africa’s drylands. "FAO is committed to scaling up support to the Great Green Wall initiative,” said José [...]

FAO study provides the most detailed snapshot to date on trees, forests and land use in the world's drylands

19 July 2016
A valuable policy-making and investment tool for sustainable development, addressing climate change 19 July 2016, Rome - A new FAO report helps to fill a significant knowledge gap on the presence and extent of forests and trees in the world's drylands, where the food security and livelihoods of millions of people, already [...]

Tackling land degradation and desertification in The Gambia

05 July 2016
Banjul – With the launch of Action Against Desertification on 24 May, The Gambia accelerates it support to Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative, focusing on empowering rural communities to sustainably manage the country’s natural resources. According to an official estimate, desertification has caused the loss of nearly 100 000 hectares of [...]

Achieving land degradation neutrality in Iran

22 June 2016
This week, following the commemoration of the World Day to Combat Desertification 2016 held on Saturday 18 June 2016 as a joint ceremony organized by the FAO Representation in Iran and the Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Management Organization (FRWO) of the Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture, the urgency of the issue [...]

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21 June 2016
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