Foresterie dans les terres arides

The Great Green Wall

04 November 2013
In Africa, scientists are hard at work restoring land once rich with biodiversity and vegetation. Eleven countries in the Sahel-Sahara region—Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Senegal—have joined to combat land degradation and restore native plant life to the landscape.  In recent years, northern Africa [...]

Réaliser la muraille verte d’Afrique, pièce par pièce

18 July 2013
Kouloumboutey – En récupérant plus d’une centaine d’hectares de terres dégradées, les villageois et les autorités locales au sud du Niger ont ajouté une pièce supplémentaire à la mosaïque qui se dessine à travers le Sahel et le Sahara dans la lutte contre la désertification et la dégradation des terres.Ibrahim Dan [...]

Behind the rhetoric what is really being done to combat desertification?

16 June 2013
Like most people living along the Sahel – the drylands between Africa’s tropical savannahs and the Sahara Desert – Mustafa Ba is all too familiar with the effects of desertification. Thanks to a combination of overgrazing and deforestation, he has watched the countryside around his Senegalese village, Mboula, turn into a [...]

"Green wall" to target Sahel terrorism

03 May 2013
Desertification in Africa's Sahel region may be driving a range of problems including terrorism. Gavin Haines investigates whether a project to reforest the region could help. Since French forces were deployed to Mali earlier this year, the Sahel has emerged as a new battleground in the so-called war on terror.  This semi-arid [...]

Vers des directives mondiales pour la restauration de la résilience des paysages et forêts dans les terres arides

19 April 2013
En collaboration avec ses partenaires, la FAO prépare des Directives mondiales pour la restauration des forêts et des paysages dégradés dans les terres arides, qui seront publiées au cours du deuxième semestre de 2013. Cette brochure décrit les principaux éléments des directives [en anglais seulement].

How planting trees can prevent violence in Africa's drylands

31 January 2013
With EU-backed forces advancing across Mali, the need for European and other donors to accelerate the development process in Africa’s poorest regions appears ever more pressing. For development experts a simple, yet unheralded solution exists - planting trees. “Agroforestry is the future of agriculture in the drylands and sub-humid regions”, Dr [...]

Un partenariat africain pour stopper la désertification et la dégradation des terres

25 September 2012
Rome – Les experts ont présenté les progrès accomplis vers la réalisation de la Grande muraille verte pour le Sahara et le Sahel, une initiative panafricaine destinée à stopper la désertification, tout en améliorant la sécurité alimentaire et en contribuant à l’adaptation et à l’atténuation du changement climatique. Lancée en décembre 2006 [...]

The Great Oasis

19 December 2011
In the Al Hajar Mountains of northern Oman, at the eastern edge of the Arabian Desert, high above the white terraces and minarets of Muscat, rain comes rarely and then in floods. Hajar means “rock” in Arabic, and the mountains are made of little else—a fractal landscape of umber and dusty limestone, [...]

UN project shows how trees help halt desertification

20 June 2011
A UN-led pilot scheme hopes to highlight how trees can help people in arid zone, considered to one of the most hostile habitats on the planet.  The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Acacia project's goal is to show how trees provide, food, fuel, shelter and income during times of hardship.  So far, [...]

Africa-wide "Great Green Wall" to halt Sahara's spread?

28 December 2009
China built its famous Great Wall to keep out marauders. Now, millennia later, a "Great Green Wall" may rise in Africa to deter another, equally relentless invader: sand. The proposed wall of trees would stretch from Senegal to Djibouti as part of a plan to thwart the southward spread of the Sahara, Senegalese officials said [...]
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