Лесное хозяйство в засушливых регионах

На этой странице представлены последние новости в сфере лесного хозяйства в засушливых регионах.

Boosting large-scale land restoration and renewable energy solutions for sustainable development along Africa’s Great Green Wall

25 October 2017
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire – Leading experts from Africa and beyond are meeting in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, to discuss ways of shoring up funding for the Great Green Wall initiative — a  major rural development scheme to help more people in Africa’s drylands cope with the consequences of climate change and [...]

Developing the economic potential of Africa’s drylands

29 September 2017
Action Against Desertification participates in regional conference of forest and farm producer organizations Morogoro, Tanzania – Experts involved in Action Against Desertification (AAD), an EU-funded programme supporting Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative, took part in the second African Regional Conference of Forest and Farm Producers Organizations to learn more about the [...]

FAO’s work on dryland forests and landscapes was highlighted during the fifth Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW)

01 April 2017
FAO’s work on dryland forests and landscapes was highlighted during the fifth Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW) in Agadir, Morocco. There, nine countries (Algeria, France, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey) endorsed the Agadir Commitment that would establish a new Regional Mediterranean Initiative on Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) [...]

Ambitious initiative supporting Africa’s Great Green Wall to fast-track drylands restoration

27 March 2017
Ouagadougou – It is time to upscale restoration across drylands in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, experts concluded after meeting in Burkina Faso to take stock of progress made by Action Against Desertification, a major international effort to expand Africa's Great Green Wall. “No single actor alone can claim to [...]

Ethiopia and FAO accelerate implementation of Great Green Wall Initiative

20 February 2017
Kombolcha – The Ethiopian Government and FAO renewed their commitment to the implementation of Action Against Desertification (AAD) project during a consultative workshop held on 20-21 February in Kombolcha to boost the role of non-state actors and local communities in preventing desertification and landscape rehabilitation along the Great Green Wall [...]

La FAO et l’ANGMV lancent un projet sur la mise en œuvre de la Grande Muraille Verte au Sénégal

27 January 2017
Louga – La composante nationale du projet « Action contre la désertification», mis en œuvre par la FAO et l’Agence Nationale de la Grande Muraille Verte (ANGMV) et financé par l’Union européenne, a été lancée le 27 janvier 2017 à Louga (Nord-Ouest) au Sénégal. Le projet aura des retombées directes et [...]

European Union’s global action on sustainable land management

30 November 2016
Leading up to COP22 in November 2016, the European Union (EU) presented an overview of its support for sustainable land management. Action Against Desertification features among the concrete partnerships in which the EU is engaged to tackle land degradation and desertification. 

Pastoralists’ complex tenure rights are key to community resilience

25 November 2016
Rome - Assuring adequate tenure rights to land is an important step in improving food security for millions of people in developing countries, but safeguarding tenure isn't so straightforward when it comes to the way land is used by mobile pastoralist communities. [more]

Final report of the third African Drylands Week

17 November 2016
The final report of the third African Drylands Conference held in Windhoek, Namibia from 8-12 August 2016, seeks to boost political commitment to sustainable management of Africa’s natural resources by calling for the integration of the African Drylands Week into the work of the African Union. Final report of the third [...]

10 million hectares a year in need of restoration along the Great Green Wall

16 November 2016
Marrakech - A groundbreaking map of restoration opportunities along Africa's Great Green Wall has been launched at the UN climate change conference, based on collection and analysis of crucial land-use information to boost action in Africa's drylands to increase the resilience of people and landscapes to climate change. "The Great Green Wall [...]
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