Posting a comment on e-Agriculture Forums


Posting a comment on e-Agriculture Forums

From time to time the e-Agriculture Team runs online discussions on the platform. Unless stated these discussions are open to any interested individuals to participate.

To participate you simply need to be a member of the e-Agriculture as a first step. Thereafter you need to subscribe to each question under the discussion forum.

Below we provide simple steps to posting your comments.

Steps in posting a comment on any forum discusssion

Step 1: Click the link of the forum on e-Agricultue website

Step 2: Click on the Forum of your choice

Step 3: Scroll down on the page and you will see the discussion Question.

Note that you can read all the topics but can only comment to the topic/question that has been opened for that week. 

Step 4 : Click on the Question you want to comment on.

Step 5:  Subscribe to the comments in the discussion thread

It is very important to subscribe to the post so that you receive email alert of other comments made by other participants during the discussion

For any question write to e-agriculture@fao.org