e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: Participants Panel


e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: Participants Panel

e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: Participants Panel​

Wednesday 25 October - 2 PM UTC - 4 PM Central European Summer Time 

Today the floor is yours!  Before and at the beginning of our learning activity we launched a call to all participants asking if they wanted to present their experience in a participant's panel. And this is the result. Take a look at the subject of the presentations of today's live session and join us to learn more from other participants. Would you like to share something on the spot? If time allows we will give you the floor too! This is a live webinar on Adobe Connect, similar to the other webinars, but now the presenters are participants. 

Topics and presenters on the Participants Panel

Subi Thomas is the Director and Founder of iDrones Services Limited, a  company that was set up in 2006 a small agricultural town in the Southern Province of Zambia, Choma. The company focusses on improving agriculture using drones and hope to help farmers with efficient data farm management and prepare them to transit to precision agriculture.

Abdelaziz Lawani is an Ag-economist and researcher at the University of Kentucky. He is also the founder of Global Partners, a Benin- based drone services provider. His research lies at the intersection of development, environmental economics and data science. He is currently working on the use of drones and satellite data for agriculture. He will present two projects: a biodiversity conservation program with low-range drones and the project UAV4Ag and his experience of providing farmers with drone services and the research on farmers’ willingness to pay for drone services.

Hamza Rkha Chaham is the Head of International Strategy at AIRINOV. AIRINOV is one of the pioneers and leaders of drone based farming applications. AIRINOV has trained many agripreneurs in Africa to enable them to start delivering drone services in the different countries of the continent. 

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