E-agriculture Strategies

E-agriculture Strategies

The need for national e-agriculture strategies has been acknowledged by many stakeholders for some time, however many countries haven’t adopted yet a national strategy for the use of ICTs in the agricultural sector. 

An e-agriculture strategy can offer critical support to rationalizing of resources (financial and human), better harnessing of ICT opportunities and addressing challenges in the agricultural sector. The existence of a comprehensive national strategy can prevent e-agriculture projects from being implemented in isolation and develops efficiency gains from intra sector and cross sector synergies. 

FAO and ITU jointly prepared  the e-agriculture strategy guide and toolkit to provide a methodology and a set of tools to assist countries in developing a national e-agriculture vision, action plan and implementation strategy.

On this page you will find all information related to the guide and toolkit and their use, the workshops organized, the progress made in different countries and the inputs from stakeholders through online fora and other contributions.

Download the e-agriculture strategy guide here

Download the e-agriculture strategy brochure here 

All your ideas, comments or cases related to e-agriculture strategies in general or the guide specifically, are welcome any time: info@e-agriculture.org