Mobile Learning Week 2018


Mobile Learning Week 2018

UNESCO and ITU have announced the ‘Mobile Learning Week 2018’ which is a flagship ICT in education conference. The event will be held from 26 to 30 March 2018 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.The details of this conference can also be interests to e-Agriculture CoP.

The theme of the event is, “Skills for a connected world” will examine the type of skills needed in a connected network and will focus on digital skills and competencies. The meeting will also review strategies and skills in the context of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4)

The Objectives

Mobile Learning Week 2018 has been planned to achieve the following objectives:-

  • Define and mainstream digital skills to promote an integrated approach to digital skills development that is relevant for self-fulfilment, jobs, and social inclusion
  • Innovate skills provision for jobs in the digital economy through strengthening institutional capacities and teachers competencies
  • Close inequalities and gender divides to ensure inclusion and equity in digital skills development programmes
  • Map and anticipate changing skills needs to measure and anticipate the changing needs for digital skills and inform the continued adjustment of strategies and provision

The programme

The programme will include;-

  • Workshops (Monday 26th of March)
  • Symposium (Tuesday 27th of March)
  • Policy Forum (Thursday 29th of March)
  • Strategy Labs (Friday 30th March)

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