Discover AI and Machine Learning for Aid and Development


Discover AI and Machine Learning for Aid and Development

It is widely believed that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will change the world, but how much are those innovations already contributing to improving the world? This webinar, part of an ongoing series around ICT4D, will explore how AI and machine learning tools can be applied and why they will play a key role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Hear from our expert speakers as they discuss what new machine learning applications and systems are already available and how they are (or can be) used to help reduce poverty, extend aid to remote regions, and deliver more targeted human-centric services.

Mobile phones and other ICTs for data collection are already key components in humanitarian response and international development programs. Adding algorithms and automation through machine learning and deep learning allows us to identify patterns in the data that can inform decisions and real-time analysis.

Q&A and panel discussion to follow presentations and case studies.

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