Webinar: Using Digital Tools to Expand Agricultural Insurance

United States of America

Webinar: Using Digital Tools to Expand Agricultural Insurance

In developing countries, there is little smallholder farmers can do to protect themselves from shock. When faced with unexpected volatility, they often turn to negative coping mechanisms like selling assets, reducing meals, or pulling children out of school.

To address this, Digital Development for Feed the Future, a collaboration between the U.S. Global Development Lab and the Bureau for Food Security, created Using Digital Tools to Expand Access to Agricultural Insurance. This resource shows USAID missions and implementing partners how to leverage digital tools to expand the use agricultural insurance.

Join the guide author, Nu-Ahn Tran, and BFS food security expert, Jen Cisse, for a webinar to discuss the guide and how digital tools for ag insurance can strengthen development.

Email mSTAR_Project@fhi360.org for questions.

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