Exercise 1: Experience capitalization

Exercise 1: Experience capitalization

For the first exercise each participant is requested to submit a short experience on the use of drones. You can share your own experience or the experience from an organization or project of your choice. In case you are writing about an experience that is not yours ensure to clearly mention the sources you have used. We are looking for short texts of 300 to 500 words, replying to the following questions: 

  1. Describe for what purpose the drones were used and in which context?
  2. What challenges were faced using the drones?
  3. What lessons can be drawn from this experience?
  4. Additional resources (list links to additional information on the experience if available).  

Submit your exercise by Monday the 23rd of October by commenting on this page. To be able to comment you need to be logged in. On Monday the 23rd of October, participants, experts and facilitators will go through the submissions and offer comments or ask questions. 

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