Introductions and Technical Support for this forum

Introductions and Technical Support for this forum

Hello! And welcome everyone to this discussion forum on “Mobile Information Services”. Hosted by the GSMA Fund’s mFarmer initiative, with six international experts, this is an exciting opportunity to explore the role of partnership and mobile technology for farmers and rural development in one forum.

I am your facilitator during this forum, so it is my job to make sure everything goes smoothly and that we get as much value out of this discussion as possible. If you have any questions about how the forum works, where/when to share views and experience, etc. just let me know. I am also happy to address any technical questions or comments about the forum that you may have. You can write to me in this thread, or by sending me an email at info@e-agriculture.org

With regards,

Michael Riggs
Michael RiggsUN-APCICT/ESCAPRepublic of Korea

The forum is off to a good start. Thanks to all who have participated and shared so far.

Just one reminder. Be careful when using abbreviations and acronyms, and make sure you spell them out at least the first time you use them in a post. We represent many sectors and fields of skill, and we do not always share a common vocabulary.

The forum invited Subject Matter Experts to inform and enliven the conversation  

 Sharbendu Banerjee 
Director of Business Development
CABI South Asia-India
 Judy Payne
ICT Advisor 

 Hillary Miller-Wise
Country Director 
TechnoServe Tanzania
 Fiona Smith 
Director GSMA 
mAgri Programme
 Collins Nweke 
Project Manager
Tigo Tanzania
 Mr S. Srinivasan