How to add a video to your post?

How to add a video to your post?

If you wish, it is possible to embed (integrate) a video into your post so that the user can click to watch the video without needing to follow a link away from e-Agriculture website.

This process has two steps:

  1. First you will need to take the embed code from the video you wish to embed
  2. Second you will need to follow the steps to embed this code into your e-Agriculture post

Taking the embed code

The most common video sharing websites that you will need to take a video from are YouTube and Vimeo. If you are using another site, look for words such a ‘’Share’’, ‘’Embed’’ or the standard icon for sharing,

If you find a YouTube video you wish to share:

  1. Click on the share.pnglink
  2. Click on ‘’Embed’’ (the middle link, before Email)
  3. A field will appear with text which begins with ‘<iframe…’
  4. Copy this – it is your embed code

Embedding the video in your e-Agriculture post

  1. Leave the video sharing site and return to e-Agriculture
  2. Either click on ‘’create a new entry’’ or edit your existing entry
  3. Ensure that your content editor is set as ‘’Full HTML’’ rather than the default ‘’Filtered HTML’’



When you use the dropdown and select ‘’Full HTML’’ the edit buttons of the content editor window will change slightly. You will see a button appears at the top right and if you hover over this it says ‘’IFrame’’



If you click this, a window will appear call ‘’IFrame Properties’’


  • In the field marked URL you will paste your embed code
  • In the fields marked width and height you will set the display width and height (Note: If you’re not sure, check the beginning of the embed code)
  • Click OK

At this point, the video will display in the position you have chosen as a blank space with the words IFRAME in red in the centre, as below.


When you click ‘’Save’’ and your post is saved, viewers will see the video embedded, as below.